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Okay, so maybe this is cheating a little. Best to my knowledge, while there are plenty of Dragon Quest games, there aren’t any Dai no Daibouken games out there (there really should be by now). However, there were Daibouken anime movies, so maybe this still counts as relevant content for the site. Hopefully.

Princess Leona is hands down my favorite character from Daibouken. She’s spunky and fun, and also quite determined. Her character compliments Dai very well.

I have to admit I rather like the effect I managed to create with the line art; bold lines for the outline, and thinner lines for the details. However, I don’t think I’ve successfully assimilated her into my own drawing repertoire just yet. That can take some time. My drawing looks a little generic, like the original artist’s version of her. For a first attempt, I guess it’s not bad.

Now that I really look at it, some of the line art looks a little shaky as well. That is one of the tricky things about pen drawings; you can’t really make any corrections as you go. I guess you can’t be too much of a perfectionist. Anyway, I hope you enjoy this fan art!

Leona Fan Art