Kalimba is an Underserved Growth Market

by | Mar 15, 2023 | Music

Here’s a viable business idea on a silver platter. If you’ve been waiting for a music business opportunity, take this one.

There are people looking for kalimba instructors and kalimba sheet music. I just received an email from one such individual today.

The problem?

  • While there is plenty of kalimba music in tablature form, some people simply do not want to read kalimba music that way. They’d prefer something closer to standard notation.
  • Some of the available music features accidentals (sharps and flats) or notes that fall outside of the instrument’s range that cannot be played on all kalimba types.
  • There are people looking for instructors in their locality or online who can serve them in their specific time zone (e.g., UK).

You know the market. You know the problem. Now, go and conquer. Let me know how it goes.