243 – How to Fund Your Music Career – with Justin Longo of MariNationMusic

by | Sep 2, 2021 | Podcast

Are you tired of going broke as an artist? Do you keep running out of funds to be able to do the things you want to do in your music career?

That’s what we’re going to be looking at in this episode of The New Music Industry Podcast.

Podcast Highlights:

  • 00:18 – Today’s guest is Justin Longo of MariNationMusic
  • 00:35 – Why did Justin start MariNationMusic?
  • 01:59 – What it’s like to be a music producer
  • 03:22 – How does MariNation work?
  • 05:45 – What would it look like to be financially free as an artist?
  • 08:37 – Is investing a rich man’s game? Or can artists get involved too?
  • 10:17 – Everyone manages their money differently – to each his own!
  • 12:21 – Who is MariNation for?
  • 14:00 – What about the coming economic meltdown?
  • 19:26 – What’s the last YouTube video Justin watched?
  • 20:46 – What is the greatest challenge Justin has overcome?
  • 23:19 – How long was Justin stewing on the idea of MariNation?
  • 27:53 – What is the greatest victory Justin has experienced?
  • 28:46 – What books have helped Justin on his journey?
  • 30:53 – Closing thoughts


Coming soon.

Closing Segment

If you’re looking to dive deeper into the world of finances and get of better sense of how to manage your money as an artist, I want to invite you to pick up a copy of my best-selling book, The Music Entrepreneur Code. Go to davidandrewwiebe.com/Code to learn more.

This has been episode 243 of The New Music Industry Podcast. I’m David Andrew Wiebe and I look forward to seeing you on the stages of the world.