It’s All About How it Hits You

by | May 8, 2023 | Personal Development

A universally praised book, film, or course could leave you feeling bored and uninspired.

How is that possible?

Besides the fact that we are talking about fundamentally subjective things, there is one other factor often not accounted for – ourselves.

Sometimes, you’re not ready for it. Sometimes, you’re beyond it. And sometimes, you’re not feeling it.

If I had based my impression of Dan Kennedy on the first two books of his I’d read, I would have missed out on a wealth of knowledge that ended up transforming my world.

Our opinions on something aren’t always based on a deep understanding of the subject. We could be missing the foundations or the context. We also need to be honest with ourselves when we haven’t given something a chance or haven’t examined it thoroughly.

Ultimately, it’s all about how it hits you. There are specific resources that are for us at specific times in our lives. That’s probably true of any of my favorite books.

That’s why you can’t stop digging. Because you never know when you’ll come across exactly what you need now.