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The day has arrived.

Tonight, I will be performing at Café Blanca along with Joanna Drummond, and the new The Circle host, Frederick Tamagi.

If you’ve been to a singer/songwriter circle before, then you know what we’re about to embark upon. But it isn’t just any old singer/songwriter circle, it’s an organic collaboration between its participants. Plus, we’ll each be covering songs by the great Bob Dylan.

The Circle, by the way, is an extension of The Listening Room, which now features two distinct events – The Circle, as already described, and The Classics, which will see jazz vocalists reinterpreting the works of the greats, along with a little help from The Listening Room house band.

So, if you’re interested in hearing myself (as well as Joanna and Fred) like you’ve never heard me before, I will see you at Café Blanca (240 Riverfront Ave SW, Calgary, AB) at 7 PM.

I’m Performing at The Listening Room Tonight