If You Want to Succeed in Music, You Need This

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The subtitle of my latest book, The Music Entrepreneur Code is:

How to Get Paid for Your Passion and Impact More Fans Without Wasting Years of Your Life and Thousands of Dollars.

This subtitle is reflective of the fact that creating an independent life has been a long, circuitous, challenging road for me.

I’ve spoken elsewhere about the many challenges I’ve encountered on that journey:

Here’s another bulleted list of challenges I have yet to share anywhere.

While building my music career (and having some wins along the way) I also ended up:

  • Grieving the loss of my cousin who took his own life. This happened while I was recording my first album, Shipwrecked… My Sentiments.
  • Burning out and getting an anxiety disorder. In ensuing years, I was also plagued by thyroid and adrenal fatigue. But when I was going through it, I had no idea what it was or how to overcome it.
  • Breaking up with my girlfriend.
  • Losing my grandpa.
  • Living with the worst roommate imaginable. For six months.
  • Having to take on five jobs to stay afloat financially.
  • Going broke and having to sell my house.
  • Taking multi-year detour into network marketing. I don’t regret this experience, but it turned out to be a significant part of my six-figure business education.
  • Breaking up with another girlfriend.
  • Investing $60,000 in a music industry startup that failed in a matter of three years. “Unfortunate” doesn’t begin to cover the bases of what happened.
  • Running my beater car into the ground shortly after a run-in with a cow’s head on the highway, nearly dying in the process. I didn’t dare drive for a few days.
  • Going broke again.
  • Enduring burnout again.
  • Running another beater car into the ground.
  • Breaking up with another girlfriend.
  • Running yet another beater car into the ground.
  • Going broke again.
  • …You get the idea.

Is this what your musical journey will look like?

It could, and it probably will if you choose not to get coaching or otherwise invest in your growth.

But it certainly doesn’t have to…

Because I wrote The Music Entrepreneur Code to help you with this very thing.

I didn’t have to write it. No one was holding me at gunpoint.

I wrote it because I wanted to help those who understand that you can see further when you stand on the shoulders of those who’ve gone before you.

Those who’ve made all the mistakes…

Endured all the challenges…

And been put through the ringer repeatedly.

I made my book so affordable, in fact, that virtually anyone can afford it.

I even tossed in a couple of bonuses.

Again, I didn’t have to do this. I’ve got to make a living like anyone else. And every week I work my butt off to do exactly that.

But I wanted to make sure everyone who understands the value of the book gets a copy.

I wanted to make sure that if you know the trauma of wasting years and thousands of dollars on things that don’t work, you got a copy.

You can go it alone, but I think you can improve your odds considerably by trusting someone who started out much dumber, much denser, much more naïve than you. Trust me, I did start out that way.

I’ve curated years and years of advice, experience, stories, breakthroughs, and did the hard work of putting it all into one book, The Music Entrepreneur Code. It’s done. It’s ready. It’s for you!

Stop wasting years of your life and thousands of dollars on things that don’t work. Learn more about the book now and get your hands on a copy.