I Was Featured on the Passive Income Musician Podcast

There’s a lot going on in DAW World, so I hope to document and share a lot more with you here in 2019.

Here’s the first update I’ve put together in a long time. It won’t be my last though, I promise.

And, today, I just wanted to mention that I was featured on the Passive Income Musician podcast. If it interests you, I’d love it if you’d take a listen and let me know your thoughts.

The podcast is hosted by Brent Vaartstra of Learn Jazz Standards, someone I’ve had the chance to get to know in the last couple of months.

Sometimes, you run into people that you have an easy connection with. Brent is one of those people, which is why I love chatting with him. No doubt it’s because we share a lot in common, not the least of which is our passion for music and teaching musicians.

Brent was also on my podcast recently, and I will be publishing another episode this week featuring Brent. This is the first time I’ve done two episodes back to back with any guest, but I love serial content, so I hope to do more of these.

Something I’ve discovered through interviewing a lot of people is that sometimes it’s hard to create a compelling focus and angle for each episode.

It’s not that the guests don’t offer great content. It’s that I have so many questions for them, which makes it impossible to narrow the focus. Inevitably, the interview ends up going in a bunch of different directions because of what interests me most about any given guest.

So, if I have one episode that covers the guest’s story, and another that’s laser focused on their expertise, I think that’s the ideal. I’ll venture to guess that not ever guest would be willing to do this, but I just figured I’d put it out there.

Anyway, I hope you’ll take a listen to my interview on the Passive Income Musician, and here’s to many more interviews in 2019.