How to Write the Lyrics to Your First Song

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Lyrical Appeal

Starting with the song lyrics can be an uncommon approach because many people may find writing lyrics to be a daunting task. People refer to individuals who start with lyrics as poets. However, we are here to let you know that as a singer, you can also start by writing the lyrics for a song.

There are some things that the lyrics need to encompass to have wide appeal. Having universal appeal and incorporating a theme that is not only specific to the writer can be a good way to write for an audience. It’s also a good idea to have the song lyrics use language that is familiar to other people as well as appeal to the emotions of the listeners. Universal appeal, common language and emotional resonance are the cornerstones of strong lyrics.

Difference between Lyrics and Poetry

The question of how to come up with song lyrics is crucial in differentiating lyrics from poetry. For poetry, there is usually a deeper meaning that a poet seeks to communicate. You have to read a poem with a keen eye to know what the poet find the poets intent and reasoning. A song, on the other hand, communicates the message one sees. There is often no hidden message in a song. However, there are times when songs take the form of poems in that they use hidden themes to communicate their message. You should be keen to identify these instances in your own creative process.

Writing Lyrics First

To come up with a lyrics-first song, you can use different methods. However, this article focuses on the following steps:

  • Develop a title for the song.
  • Come up with the lyrics to the chorus
  • Write the lyrics of the verse
  • Develop a hook that enhances or references the song title
  • Merge the rest of the song to the above to ensure coherence

The Chorus and the Verse

If you are asking yourself how to write song lyrics, moving from the chorus to the verse is crucial in your quest. The connection between your chorus and your verse should enhance the purpose of your song. By knowing the purpose and meaning behind your song, you’ll have a better understanding of the information that each section needs to communicate to the listener. If you know your message, your lyrics will be an extension of your songs purpose.

Here are a few things to consider as you move from your chorus to the verses:

  • Know what your chorus seeks to achieve – every part of your song needs to serve a purpose. The chorus, for example, should communicate something to your audience. It should serve as the thesis for the entire song.
  • Write the chorus – know what you want to communicate and build each line around that central idea.
  • Move to the verse – having developed the purpose of the song, you then need to come up with verse lyrics that echoes what your song is about.

Start Creating Music: Melody, Chords

Having concentrated more on writing lyrics before music, this step now involves creating melodies and chords to help support or generate coherence with your lyrics. Here, there are two things you need to do:

  • Use the song title to come up with a melodic idea of your chorus. With your title, find a way to come up with a melodic tune of your chorus.
  • Use your verse to develop a melodic chord as well. Here, you need to understand how verses and choruses are created. Verses are normally pitched lower than choruses. So, as you develop a melodic chord, keep this in mind.

Why Start with the Lyrics

Developing the lyrics of a song first can seem strange because they are just words without any proper flow. However, in a song, words are the most important part because they form the connection to your audience and help you to share ideas and draw your audience’s attention.

Final Thoughts

Put the ideas we have included here to practice and you will understand the ideas we are sharing here at a deeper level. Make sure you write to us and let us know how you found these ideas to be helpful.