How to Write a Press Release to Promote Your Music

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A press release is a valuable tool you can use to promote various aspects of your music career. But you must use them correctly. That’s what you will learn in this guest post via Grace Carter.If you have something valuable to share here, you can find our guest post submission guidelines here.Now, here’s Grace to fill us in.

A solid press release can help you get some buzz for your latest album release, concert, or even tour. They play an important role in online marketing.

But there is a right way and a wrong way to go about writing a press release. Your must think of yourself as a journalist as opposed to a shameless self-promoter. Keep your news release simple and to the point.

Should I Write a Press Release?

When you would like to notify the media about something, it’s time to write a press release. Some common reasons for issuing a press release are a new album, an upcoming tour, signing to a record label, or a forthcoming local concert.

It’s best to reserve news releases for important events, because if you’re issuing press releases all the time, people will lose interest. Before you send out a press release, do a bit of research and see what the chosen media outlet’s policy and history are.

Note that you can write a press release and distribute it on your own. But in most cases, a distribution service can help you get it in front of more eyeballs.

Start with the Most Relevant Information

“You should adopt the rules of a journalist when you’re writing a press release. Explain the who, what, where, why and how, and do it in the first paragraph. You’re not writing poetry, you’re just trying to get some important information out to the people interested in it,” says Deborah Lawrence, PR writer at EliteAssignmentHelp.

Many people won’t read your entire press release, so share the most relevant information upfront.

Make it Simple & Concise

Keep your press release short and to the point. Your press release only needs to be a couple of short paragraphs. Relay the basic information and then wrap it up. If people need more details (i.e. to put together a write up for you) they can always contact you for more information. Keep the language simple. Don’t use elaborate fonts, colors, or images.

Send Links, Not Attachments

Don’t send out attachments of your press release. People are rightly distrustful of attachments in emails from people they don’t know. If you attach your release to your email, there’s a very good chance your email will just be deleted. Instead, just send links.

This goes for your music as well. Create a private SoundCloud link or Youtube video. This way you can share your music with a few select people before the wide release.

Don’t forget to include links to your website, social media accounts, and press shots. You’ll save bloggers or journalists a bunch of time. People appreciate it when you save them time, and you definitely don’t want to annoy someone who will be responsible for helping you grow your media presence.

Remember that it’s Not Self-Promotion

It might sound a bit counterintuitive to avoid self-promotion when you’re promoting yourself. What’s important is the tone you take in your press release. Yes, you are promoting yourself, but you don’t have to sound like you’re trying to sell yourself.

Tell people how to find your new album, get tickets to your show, etc. Keep it professional. You’re not trying to sell anyone on your music, you’re just letting people know that it’s out there if they’re interested.

Get Your Writing Skills up to Snuff

Writing is a skill that needs to be practiced. If it’s been a while since you wrote anything, it’s a good idea to get some writing help. Look into some online resources that can help you improve your skills.

Here are several that you may find valuable:

  • StateofWriting and MyWritingWay: These are writing guides full of advice on how to improve in all aspects of the writing process. Writing guides are a great way to learn as you write.
  • Essayroo and UKWritings: If you’re going to edit your press release, you’ll want to make sure you’re familiar with how to do it right. AustralianReviewer recommends these editing tools.
  • ViaWriting and StudyDemic: Grammar is something that many people struggle with. Bone up on your grammar skills so that your press release is of professional quality.
  • Boomessays and Academized: Proofreading is an important part of turning out a quality piece of writing. You can read SimpleGrad’s Academized review of these online tools.
  • WritingPopulist and Lets Go and Learn: Read these writing blogs to improve your writing knowledge. Take the lessons learned from these blog writers and use them to write a stellar press release.


There’s are many reasons why you might want to issue a press release. But no matter the reason, the rules for writing a good press release remain the same. Remember that your goal is to inform, not to sell yourself. Keep it short and don’t waste people’s time. Writing a good music press release isn’t hard if you follow the above steps.