How to Use Instagram to Promote Your Music [INFOGRAPHIC]

by | Feb 12, 2016 | Uncategorized

Hey, gang! Do you use Instagram to market your music?

This guest article was submitted by Nancy Grace of iDigic, a tool that can be used to build your Instagram following.

Marketers everywhere are finding a great deal of value in Instagram as a marketing tool, and no doubt you probably have an account of your own. This post features several tips to help you grow your following.

With that out of the way, let’s move right into how to use Instagram to promote your music, and if you have anything you’d like to share with our community, make sure to get in touch.

Yes, you read right. It is absolutely possible to promote your music via Instagram. It is free and easy to use. Instagram is an essential tool for established musicians as well as for aspiring young talent. You just have to get creative and channel your inner Elvis. After that it’s a piece of cake.

Instagram for BusinessLet’s get it started (ha), let’s get it started in here.

1. Unforgettable (Share Stories with Your Followers)

Post photos and videos that depict a story. For example, when you were doing some soul searching, when you were stuck at the first verse, when the magic finally happened and you composed a beautiful song.

Also, post pictures from behind the scenes. This will add a personal touch and it will also help increase the followers for your profile.

2. I Was Thinking, Overthinking (Don’t Overthink the Process)

Instagram is supposed to be fun!  Click a picture, edit and post it.

You are seeking the approval of your followers, but you are also doing this for yourself too. So it is natural that you want your post to be perfect to get more likes and comments.

But if you overthink what you’re posting, chances are that you might ruin a perfectly good picture or video.

3. You’ve Got a Friend in Me (Involve Your Fans)

You followers have been loyal to you. It’s not enough to keep posting pictures and videos; you have to reach out to your followers.

Organize gigs at the location preferred by them, give backstage passes during concerts, entry for rehearsals; autographed T-shirts, coffee mugs and you can also give away props you used during your shows. Make them feel involved.

4.Timing is Everything (Post Strategically)

If you are thinking of updating your posts when you’re having coffee at six in the morning – don’t.  If you want to look like an idiot posting videos and pictures at that ungodly hour, by all means continue.

After being an active user in Instagram for a while, you’ll probably get a sense when your followers are most active. If you don’t, Google for info about posting times on different types of social media.

You have to post your pictures or videos at a strategic time to get maximum likes and comments.

5. Eye of the Tiger (Learn About Your Audience)

Google can be your go-to resource when you need information on something. There is plenty of free material out there, so you have to take maximum advantage of it.

There are many ideas and tips on how to increase the followers for your profile, how to engage them, how to give your photos and videos cool effects and usage of hashtags.  If you spend some time to collect this information, it will prove helpful when promoting your music through Instagram.

6. I Will Never Let You Down (Write a Great Description)

Whatever you do should genuinely excite you. This is applicable in every aspect of life.

Make sure to add a great description to all of your posts. The description alone should get your followers excited enough to buy your new album. Speak from the heart – this will be helpful when connecting with your audience.

In Conclusion

When you understand the basics of social media, you can apply what you’ve learned to building a following. Remember that sharing is a powerful form of communication. Share and you will get more in return.

Hopefully this post helped you get your music out there! If you have thoughts, comments, suggestions please do share in the comments section below.