How to Use Facebook Event Marketing to Engage Your Fans

by | Jul 17, 2018 | Uncategorized

Hey, musicpreneur! Are you taking advantage of Facebook event marketing?

In this guest post via Avery T. Phillips, you’ll learn how to drive up engagement on your Facebook events.

With that, here’s Avery with an encore appearance!

In the age of social media, music marketing is no longer solely dependent on writing a smash single that will make the top 40 charts. Sites like MySpace grew in popularity as they gave artists a platform to take charge of their own music production and releases.

In 2018, Facebook is king, providing artists with the ability to connect with over one billion active users across the world. The importance of Facebook resources, such events and tagging (i.e. location and other artists) allows musicians to connect with not only local audiences, but the audience of any city they’re touring through.

A Few Marketing Basics That Must be Covered

Before you start promoting your music on Facebook, there are a few music marketing basics that should be covered. An important step includes having a solid website to link to on your Facebook page, as this establishes credibility among music producers and fans who are interested in your music.

A band website should condense all the information your fans should know about you. It also facilitates your ability to sell merch by putting everything in one easy place.

When creating a website, it’s important to write a good bio, detailing where you came from and what or who influenced your music. A well-written bio gives potential fans an idea of whether they will connect with your music, because people will often skim through a bio before they decide to listen to your music.

Listing your influences helps provide context to people who hear about your band and will give them an indication of the kind of sound they can expect to hear from your band.

To reach a wide audience, you should make your music as accessible as possible. Music streaming sites offer bundles that will put your music on all the major music sites, such as iTunes, Spotify, Amazon and Google Play, which make it so anyone can listen to your band regardless of the streaming service they use.

An embed link allows you to put your music on your website as well, and being on the largest streaming services will increase your chances of reaching a wider audience.

While your website puts all your information in one place for your fans, Facebook organizes each user’s interests and event schedules in one place as well. It provides an easy resource that allows people to keep track of events happening around them that they might be interested in attending.

Live performance is the best way to make fans, which means that the more people who have seen your event and indicated they are interested or going means the more people who could potentially attend, enjoy your music, listening to it and support your act.

Using Facebook Events to Drive Engagement

There are many ways Facebook events can help your band attract new customers. People who book shows and run music scenes are always eager to keep the music scene thriving, which means they are constantly looking for touring acts to keep on the docket.

Having an active and updated Facebook page will encourage booking organizations and fans to reach out to you, which is a great way to get your name out there. This will help you build connections and promote your music.

One of the best ways to increase the engagement of your event or show involves a lot of networking. Once you’re added to a Facebook event for a show, link to songs, merch, media coverage or any music videos your band has produced to get potential attendees excited for the show. If people comment or ask questions, respond to them and provide as much information as possible to encourage them to come to the show and meet you in person.

Share Fun & Engaging Posts to Boost Interest in Your Event

Another top marketing method is using content marketing in both event pages as well as your band’s social media pages. Content marketing has been on the list of trending marketing tactics for several years and continues to be a highly used method due to its effectiveness.

People enjoy light-hearted and clever content, so find or create fun memes to procure engagement on the event page, as well as your band page.

Facebook makes events and posts easy to share, so if you’re creating fun content at the right times, it is very possible that someone who resonates with it will share the content, thus helping you promote your page and event.

While this may take some extra effort, it could offer many benefits like page “likes”, which increases the views your page receives and gets it shared through word of mouth. Getting noticed is one of the most difficult parts of promoting your music, but once you have that going, you’ll see your engagement rate go up.

Stay Active on Social Media

Facebook events provide an incredible platform to engage your fans, whether with content marketing, personal engagement or through a compelling bio. Staying active on social media will help create connections between you, your fans, and even records labels and music producers.

Use social media to express yourself and what your band is about, and use Facebook events to their fullest potential. Tag venues and locations and give people a chance to connect with you. That will help you engage the largest audience possible.