How to Live into New Possibilities

by | Jul 7, 2021 | Personal Development

I didn’t get much writing done today.

Between recording a new podcast episode, fielding various calls, meetings, and conversations for new ventures and possibilities, all I could do was write in the margins. When it’s usually the opposite.

And you know what I’m seeing?

I created today.

Since starting the yearlong leadership and management program, I’ve been seeing a lot of things in my life more clearly. And I’m beginning to see where I’ve been wasting my time, specifically on projects that will never deliver on my high standards of fulfillment or income. I will never be promoted or given a proper valuation.

And so, I was reminded that I stated today differently. I set the intention to create newly and boldly, and to be in the mind of discovery.

At first, what unfolded struck me as a breakdown. Because I didn’t get my writing done. And that’s what pays the bills.

Then, I realized it wasn’t a breakdown. It’s what I created. Not just that, but the day was more in keeping with the direction I’m wanting to move in. Conversations happened. Team members made the commitment to take on tasks. Possibilities were considered and decided on with new team members.

It’s kind of astonishing.

And so, in terms of writing, what I completed, I completed. What I didn’t, I didn’t. And there’s still some week left. I should have more time tomorrow and Friday to work on that side of things.

Either way, I’m clear that I’ve lived in this rut for long enough. I can see the limitations of trying to do everything myself. I will not be further ahead this year compared to last year if I continue to do what I’ve always done. I’ll see incremental improvement, maybe, but I know there’s no breakthrough in it.

In the meantime, I’m sitting with the discomfort of living out a different kind of day. But I realize the discomfort is good. It’s creating what I set out to create.

Worthy of your reflection:

  • When you last had a breakdown, was it really a breakdown, or did you create it?
  • If you did create it, then how did you create it? What intentions were set?
  • Could you continue to set the intentions so that you could keep living into the new possibilities?
  • Did you run from the discomfort of living into new possibilities, or did you embrace it?
  • If you’re always comfortable, are you really growing?
  • Maybe you can change your life just by setting intentions. What if you were that powerful?

Go and think!

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