How to Get Your Music Out to a Bigger Audience

by | Nov 22, 2021 | Uncategorized

Obviously, there are many ways to get your music out to a bigger audience.

Social media represents a massive opportunity, and that’s where most people turn to when they want to get their thing seen by more people.

And that’s not terrible thinking, but let’s face it – standing out on social media takes something. Even if you do capture people’s attention with your hulking muscles, toned butt, or shiny guitar collection, will it be for the right reasons? Will those people go and listen to your music after they’ve ogled your shapely behind?

So, getting attention on social media isn’t enough. It’s useless unless you get people to take a next step with you.

Getting attention on social media isn’t enough. It’s useless unless you get people to take a next step with you. Share on X

Does that mean you should throw in the towel? Obviously not.

There’s a marketing concept that has been shown to work over the long haul, and while it will take some work to execute, it can help you reach bigger audiences in bursts and spurts (versus the gradual build of setting up a website, a blog, social media presence, ads, and so forth – good to do, but try combining that with what we’re about to look at, and you will see huge results).

What concept am I referring to? Dream 100.

There are different ways of thinking about Dream 100, as well as how it will look implemented in one’s career, but at base, it’s all about seeking out people who already have the audience you want, building a relationship with them, and making requests of them after you’ve built up that relationship.

In my world, that generally means requesting guest post opportunities, making podcast and radio appearances, giving presentations, and the like.

I can follow these people on social media, share things they publish, comment on their posts, send them books, offer to cover them on my blog, or interview them on my podcast (all things I’ve done!).

If there’s any reason to build your own publishing platform, it would be this – you can add value to your Dream 100. If you can’t do anything in return for your Dream 100, they are less likely to work with you. Creating mutual benefit is of the essence.

How will you create value?

Can you send your Dream 100 a gift? Share their social media posts? Listen to their music, podcast, or radio station? Buy their products?

Whatever you do, my suggestion would be to start small. Trying to build a relationship with 100 people at a time can be overwhelming. Work your way in with a few before you add more to your list.

And go into it with the right intentions. You’re not trying to take advantage of anyone. You’re looking to add value to your Dream 100. That’s the foundation. When things are going terribly in your music career, you’ll be glad to have dug your well before you got thirsty. The connections you build – your Dream 100 – is your well.