How to Enhance Your YouTube Videos Using Royalty Free Music

by | Jul 5, 2019 | Uncategorized

It used to be that finding music for your movie or YouTube video was a hustle.

First, you needed to get the appropriate license for the song. In some instances, you would be required to pay royalties on the song.

The good news is that things have gotten easier than ever.

Now you can easily access thousands if not millions of songs for your YouTube videos.

With royalty free music (licensing that enables purchasers to use music in their videos for as long as the license is valid), it’s easier than ever. But how does it work?

Subscribing to the Service

If you want to gain access to royalty free music you’ll need a subscription.

There are two roads you can go down, and they are both easy and convenient. Let’s have a look.

Premium Subscription

Premium subscription is the gem. It only costs $21 per month, but since you’ll be billed annually, it costs $252.

This will give you access to all the available services on the platform. You’ll enjoy unlimited music licenses to all the music in the library, and you may use the music in your videos.

Similarly, all the music available is exclusively selected from real producers, composers and artists to ensure you get a top-notch experience.

In the same vein, there are robust filtering and curated mechanisms for playlists.

Time is of the essence. As a premium subscriber, you’ll be able to filter all the playlists to find the perfect song in a snap of the fingers. Be it genre, instruments, mood, or duration of the song; it only takes minutes.

You want fresh music to keep viewers glued to your video. And, you might even be creating fresh content regularly and ongoingly.

Playlists are updated with new songs weekly. You can even sample pre-released music, more than 1,000 songs with stem and 30,000 plus sound effects.

Standard Subscription

Standard subscription is a more convenient avenue for those who wish not to pay annually. You may prefer to pay out $15 per month.

Here you get unlimited access to music licenses to all the songs in the playlists. You enjoy a curated and filtered playlist on demand for all the videos you wish to enhance.  Additionally, you’ll access weekly new music at no extra cost.

The benefits don’t end there! All members’ licenses stay valid in perpetuity even when your membership is canceled or has lapsed.

But the regular subscription doesn’t give you access to sound effects, songs with stem or any pre-released music.

Use of Sound Effects

Use of sound effects is a vital part of most YouTube videos. These are sounds that will be heard alongside the primary voice on a video.

Whenever you choose to add them as background scores, you’ll first need to fade in and out, then attach them to your video. This will ensure that the sound effects don’t affect the clarity of other voices in the video.

Use of Songs with Stems

Stems are open musical element formats that create stem tracks enhancing creativity in music. They may include drum stems, melody stems, vocal stems and baseline stems.

As with sound effects, when effectively incorporated into songs and then used in videos, songs with stems give the videos a more spicy twist that may be appealing to viewers.

Customer Service

Our qualified and friendly customer service is excellent.  We’ll ensure you get full round the clock assistance with our entire membership licenses you subscribe to.

You may be wondering what happens when YouTube disapproves your video citing piracy. In such an event, never hesitate to reach out to us. We’ll help you resolve the issue quickly so that you can continue enjoying our services.

Also, once you download a particular song for a project, you can continue using the song as many times you wish. But our license covers all other video use provided the video doesn’t contain pornographic content.


Users should note that we do not offer single song subscription.

But if you’re a YouTube content creator, enhancing your videos with great music and sound effects should be a priority. Take advantage of what’s available, and you’re sure to engage your viewers.