How to Create Your Own Live Performance Opportunities as a Musician

by | Jan 27, 2020 | Video

Are you trying to get into the same bars, pubs and clubs every other band is trying to get into? Does it seem like all the good opportunities are already spoken for? In this video, David shares how you can begin to create your own live performance opportunities.


Today, I’m feeling kind of exhausted and under the weather, so instead of getting behind the camera, I decided to hop on the mic to introduce today’s video.

The video itself was only created a year ago, but the blog post it was based on was written all the way back in 2009. It even got picked up by Indie on the Move a couple of years ago.

Its message still seems relevant, as musicians continue to compete to get on the bill at the same venues, not realizing they can create their own opportunities as bands like King’s X did as they were getting started.

So, let’s get into this video and rest assured I’ll be back with more, as I’ve got plenty of content ideas.