How to Create Systems as a Music Entrepreneur

by | May 25, 2020 | Video

Perhaps you’ve heard about the importance of systems but don’t know where to get started.

Systems can help your business run more efficiently and allow you to complete tasks in a standardized, predictable way. But the truth of the matter is that most businesses need a system for creating systems (yes, a system for creating systems). Without this, it’s easy for operations to get off track.

In this video, David shares how you can easily create systems as a music entrepreneur – especially if you’re the creative type.

Video Highlights:

  • 00:00 – The necessity of systems in business
  • 00:18 – David’s experience with business operations
  • 00:42 – The music business is a creative business
  • 00:58 – A quick exercise
  • 01:28 – The solution to boring, uncreative business systems
  • 02:06 – An example of a framework
  • 02:25 – It should be so easy, even a five-year-old can figure it out
  • 02:43 – We hope this insight causes a breakthrough for you
  • 03:06 – There’s more waiting for you in The Music Entrepreneur Code


So, if you’ve spent any amount of time building a business or just have been taking a business-based approach to your music career, you’ve probably recognized the importance of creating systems. Systems allow things to be done in a standardized way. You can create a lot of predictability in your career and business by implementing systems.

I’ve been in the world of business operations since 2014, so I’ve learned a lot. I’ve interviewed well over 100 entrepreneurs and how they set their businesses up using systems, problems they’ve encountered and everything else.

I’ve also experimented with a ton of tools and approaches over the years, whether it was Basecamp, Slack, Evernote, Google docs, Word docs or otherwise.

Now, I could be wrong. But I’m guessing you got into the music business because it’s sexy, entertaining, fun and it’s super creative. And, you yourself might even be a creative person.

So, I just want you to do an exercise real quick and then we’ll move on and we’ll show you how to create systems for your business.

But I want you to sit there and think about how these words make you feel – systems, standard operation procedures, checklists, workflows.

So, how do those words make you feel? Do you feel intensely motivated right now? Do you feel fired up to go and create systems for your business?

Well, it sure didn’t motivate me. And, I knew the importance of having systems in my business. I knew how much it would make things predictable and efficient.

But what I discovered recently was just a simple change in terminology made all the difference. So, we just got rid of those words. They were uncreative. They were uninspiring.

A simple change in terminology can make all the difference. Share on X

The word that we use now, the terminology we use now to describe a system in our business is a framework.

Where words like “standard operating procedures” was clearly demotivating, we found frameworks to be far more inspiring and motivating. So, see if that clears things up for you and if it changes that feeling in your gut – that constrained feeling – when you hear terms like systems and workflows.

Here’s an example of a framework we use. It’s so simple. It’s easy to look at. I know exactly what to do with it. And, that’s going to increase my overall efficiency and productivity. But like I said, if you’re creative, you can pretty this up and make this look so much better. And you can have some amazing looking templates and PDFs that you pull up as needed.

Music entrepreneur framework example

Another benefit of something like this – and really there are many – is if you share it with a team member, even they’re going to be clear on what to do with it. It’s not like you’re going to have to give them a lot of explanation. And, that’s really the whole point of systems – you want to make it so easy that even a five-year-old can understand what they need to do.

You want to make systems so simple that even a five-year-old could figure out what to do with them. Share on X

It all sounds very simple, I know. But it has taken a while for me to distill everything I learned into something usable. Like I said, having that realization about frameworks was about four or five years into the process. It took a lot of doing to get to this point.

So, we hope that this insight helps you get the same breakthrough we got from using it. And, if you have any questions, make sure to leave them in the comments.

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