How to Achieve More in Your Artistic Career

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“Responsibility” and “accountability” can sound like dirty words.

“Responsibility” denotes duty and obligation. Things that will always feel like “work,” no matter how much you glitter them up.

Accountability just sounds like a gut punch. You don’t want to be the one who’s accountable for anything! If the initiative fails, it’s your fault.

And yet, this is where your true power lies.

Last quarter, in the yearlong leadership program I’m currently taking, I was responsible for booking Saturday empowerment events. I was to set up two hosts, set targets for attendee numbers, and work with other people on the team to ensure everything ran smoothly.

At first, I didn’t have the structure or the support I needed, and while the first event went well, the second event bombed. No one showed up, and the hosts weren’t happy about this. They gave me a piece of their mind!

Honestly, I was ready to throw in the towel.

But then I got some help. And I started to see the power in making new promises around attendance each week.

From that week forward, we had guests every single week.

We didn’t always meet our target. Sometimes we exceeded it. Sometimes we came in well under.

But each Saturday, there was an empowerment event, there were two hosts, and there were guests in attendance. And that made the entire initiative a success.

It’s amazing how much all of us have around getting things wrong, not meeting targets, making dubious claims or predictions. We lose faith in ourselves because of things not going as expected.

Do you realize that whatever realizations you’ve had today might just be for today, and not for tomorrow?

And the promises you made yesterday might be more a factor of not enough sleep, too much caffeine, and some distorted sense of how yesterday went?

Promises do matter. What doesn’t matter, as much, is whether you meet the promises, assuming you put an honest effort forward. And that goes contrary to the world of performance we were brought up in, where you’re either right or wrong.

Consider that:

  • Your mind goes to work on problems you present it with (and it does this better when you’re intentional about the process – you summon creative energies you didn’t know you had!)
  • You’ll be infinitely closer to reaching your goals by committing to a promise versus shrinking back and not putting anything on the line
  • If you don’t reach your targets, you can still restore integrity, make a new promise, and make things right
Your mind goes to work on problems you present it with. Share on X

The world insists that commitment is the enemy of choice. But commitment is the very essence of freedom. When you’re committed to something, all options outside of that project or outcome become completely irrelevant. Your decisions and actions become clearer, and laser targeted.

Commitment is the very essence of freedom. Share on X

You got to be a kid in grade school. But you don’t get to be a kid anymore. The results you generate in your music career are 100% a function of what you did and didn’t do! And whatever results generated, they don’t matter, just like in a game of Monopoly. Someone won, the rest didn’t, but in the grand scheme of things, it doesn’t matter.

The only thing you need to do with the results is to be clear on the results. You can do something with numbers you can see. You can’t do anything with numbers hidden from plain sight.

You can do something with numbers you can see. You can’t do anything with numbers hidden from plain sight. Share on X

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