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I got together with a friend today, and he posed this question to me.

As content creators, being vanilla means blending in.

But if we outright attack people we don’t like, we could risk losing our following. Being banned or deleted even.

Today, certain celebrities are attacking other known figures with what can only be described as hate speech. Quite the world we live in.

I’m not here to cast judgment on it. But I do feel it’s counterproductive. Whatever you add resistance to, you empower and bring more attention to.

Whatever you add resistance to, you empower and bring more attention to. Click To Tweet

So, is there a happy medium? A comfortable middle?

Not exactly.

If you’re happy and comfortable, you shouldn’t be publishing.

If you're happy and comfortable, you shouldn't be publishing. Click To Tweet

Because, ideally, you shouldn’t be hitting “publish” on anything you aren’t a little uncomfortable with. Otherwise, the results are expected. Commonplace. Humdrum.

As content creators, we can do our best work In the “discomfort zone.”

We should leave attacking people to disgruntled celebrities. And instead attack ideas. That can lead to productive discussion.

The fun part is that, as I shared in the latest episode of my podcast, there is no one right idea. What works for me may not work for you. And vice versa.

Even that idea is worth attacking.

Because that’s where a good debate can happen. And people are going to tune in to watch the show unfold.

(By the way, I have occasionally published my complete uncensored thoughts under an alias. Because I needed to get something out of me. You might give that a try too, just to see what it feels like. I learned a great deal from this simple act.)

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