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I started reading a marketing book. It inspired me to make some changes to how I was using social media.

Little did I know I was undoing all that made social media so alluring in the first place.

Before I knew it, I wasn’t checking in multiple times per day anymore.

And based on how little action I was seeing I didn’t even feel like checking in more than once per day. At which point I would ask myself why I still bothered checking in.

Here’s how that came about.

The Book That Changed Everything

Contrary to what you might think, it wasn’t an anti-social media book. It was Russell Brunson’s Traffic Secrets. In some ways, it couldn’t be more pro-social media.

In Traffic Secrets, Brunson suggests following your Dream 100 – basically, influencers who have access to your dream customers. The idea is to build a relationship with these people, such that you can work your way in (e.g. guest post for them) or buy your way in (e.g. buy advertising on their website).

Your Dream 100 are also worthy of modeling. So, for instance, if you see something they’re doing on social media, you can apply the same techniques and drive for similar results.

The main way to make sure you’re seeing what your Dream 100 is up to is by unfollowing everyone else. Because then you only see their posts in your feed. Which is what I did.

The main way to make sure you’re seeing what your Dream 100 is up to is by unfollowing everyone else. Because then you only see their posts in your feed. Click To Tweet

And much to my surprise, social media suddenly became far less compelling. Because I wasn’t seeing what all my friends, peers, and acquaintances were up to.

And then I wondered. Did I ever care about anyone else on social media?

This Didn’t Have an Immediate Impact on My Habits

At first, I was still checking social media multiple times per day.

But while I was in Vernon, I started realizing something. Namely that compulsive checking was only feeding the addiction. That more of what I wanted would not appear on social media just by checking (it would do the opposite in accordance with the Law of Attraction). And that maybe there was nothing to get on social media after all.

We’ve all been conditioned to be self-interested and to get, get, get. But life only became that because of what we’ve bought into hook, line, and sinker. And at this point it amounts to little more than a creepy surveillance control grid.

Then, I started to see something…

Life was about giving. Wait, it is about giving. It’s always been about that, at least for me. I never got into anything, including music, blogging, podcasting, business, or otherwise, strictly for my own benefit.

Many times, even if it was inconvenient, I went out of my own way to help others.

Only a naïve entrepreneur goes into business believing they’re going to make a ton of money by adding absolutely no value to anyone.

I’m not talking about making money. That’s different. You can make money doing horrible things in this world.

I’m talking about value. You may not love Starbucks, but it adds value to people. You may not like Apple, but it adds value to people. It just may not be wrapped in the pretty little box you think it should be.

So, when I started realizing all this, I determined it was pointless to be constantly checking social media.

Which Doesn’t Mean I Completely Gave up on Social Media

I still let myself check in once per day. But this usually only serves to remind me that, again, there’s nothing there for me. What I’m looking for can’t be found on social media. Not even the attention my work deserves.

On a more philosophical level, I don’t think most CEOs spend their time on social media at all. They either don’t have the time or see it as well below their paygrade.

I’m not elitist about this. But when I consider that we’re all Michael Jackson underneath, just that many of us haven’t realized our greatness yet, I can see that self-promotion is futile. Because everyone is stuck in the rut of trying to get, get, get. Everyone is forgetting to give, even if that’s just lending an ear for more than nine seconds.

If you’ve got the attention span of a fishbowl, you didn’t make it this far into this article anyway.

But… I’m Still on Social Media

Because, like I said, I still check in once per day.

Plus, I haven’t given up YouTube or Medium. It’s unlikely that I will.

There are a lot of other great video sharing sites out there, and some are even nearing launch. I use them, too.

But YouTube is an excellent tool for a lot of things, whether it’s listening to podcasts, watching tutorials, getting inspired or otherwise. And, though it’s not my top priority, I have been working on growing my YouTube channel too.

No, I haven’t given up on my dreams. Only becoming more attuned to my inner Michael Jackson. Because not to be too humble, I write great poop. You can fudge off if you don’t agree.

So, I’m not off social media. Not completely. And I may never be.

A Self-Correction is Probably Coming

Because I will still be leveraging social media in some capacity – be it posting, advertising, listening, learning about my audience, or otherwise. At some point, my usage will probably increase again. Even though I keep checking in once per day to find there’s nothing there for me.

But social media as a news source? Forget it.

With all the blatant censorship and disinformation going on right now, virtually no news source is reliable to report on objective truths, even though this is exactly what they claim to do. Take what they say, turn it around 170 degrees, and you’re bound to get much closer to the “truth.”

Social media “fact checkers” have only amplified this disturbing trend. Could we get more Orwellian please?

I’m not a believer in objective truths that we can comprehend in a physical sense to begin with, but that’s another matter entirely.

Can You Wean Yourself Off, Too?

Certainly not without recognizing that there is life outside of social media. Which has become harder thanks to quarantines and lockdowns.

But you probably don’t need to read Traffic Secrets if you aren’t into digital marketing, or even create a Dream 100 list if you want to do as I did.

All you’ve got to do is unfollow everyone that’s remotely interesting. And at least on Facebook, unfollowing doesn’t necessarily mean unfriending, so you don’t need to worry about that.

Then, checking in will start to feel like a chore. The dopamine spike you’re looking for won’t come from social media anymore.

Progressively, you’ll start checking in less. And unless you’ve got a good reason to be on it, you probably won’t return.

So, I’ve got complete faith you can wean yourself off if that’s what you want to do.

Final Thoughts

Most importantly, recognize that social media isn’t who you are. You’ve been glued to it for so long, and have become so addicted to it, that you’re not even separate anymore. You’re as good as a cyborg.

Beneath that addiction lurks the human spirit. You care about something. You care about someone. And you’ve got a bigger heart than you realize. A heart to give and to be a part of the lives of others and their projects.

That may never manifest if you hold tightly to old behaviors and don’t sit with yourself for a while. Sitting with yourself and feeling what you feel is healthy. There’s no need to numb it out.

Self-absorption will only attract more self-absorption to where you’re narcissistic. You probably are a narcissist at this point anyway. I was.

If abundance is what you want to create, then you must become abundant.

If abundance is what you want to create, then you must become abundant. Click To Tweet

Now I see there’s more to life. There’s certainly more to life than social media notifications. At the end of my days, I will not regret having spent less time on social media.

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