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eBooks for 2022

I made a bold declaration on Twitter a while back: 2022 will be the year of books and eBooks. Are you ready for the fury? — David Andrew Wiebe, Champion of Artistic Success (@davidawiebe) December 19, 2021 Yes, 2022 will be the year of eBooks (and physical books). So,...

Weekly Digest: January 22, 2022

Hey creator! 👋 👉 Just a friendly reminder… Your week is what you make of it. It doesn’t matter what you’ve encountered this past week, you can get something from everything if you have the right mindset. Just look at me. I had to get my battery boosted by a friend to...

TIYYC: ARTiculate for January 21, 2022

Today’s ARTiculate question is: Do you need talent to be an artist? Share your answer and be a part of the discussion: Facebook Instagram We can’t wait to hear from you! What is The Indie YYC ARTiculate? I host a bi-weekly series with The Indie YYC called ARTiculate....

TT 001 – 10XPro is Too Expensive!

Music by Amurich from Pixabay Subscribe to the Music Entrepreneur HQ YouTube channel One of my favorite software solutions (funnel builder / course platform / membership site), 10XPro, is currently running a promotion, and I have been sharing it with my audience,...

What is Content Marketing Musician?

About a year and a half ago, I launched Content Marketing Musician. Content Marketing Musician is home to books, courses, and coaching programs for independent musicians looking to level up their music careers. But it wasn’t created randomly or in a vacuum. So, here’s...


Spirit Searcher, Vol. 1
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Personal Development

My Top 14 Favorite Books

These books are helpful. Are any these on your website? Can people find them somewhere? Why, yes. But you won’t necessarily be able to find them, unless you go looking for them, and to be fair, the list continues to evolve. So, in no specific order, here are 14 of my...

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In a World of Possibility

When you’re in possibility, options are limitless. When you’re outside of possibility, everything looks hopeless. It would be unreasonable to expect that you will always be in possibility. And it’s importance to notice when you’re not. Because it’s easy to give up in...

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David Andrew Wiebe, October 2021

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