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What You Should Look for in a Musician Coach

So, you’ve decided that hiring a musician coach wouldn’t be such a bad idea. But what sort of qualities and qualifications should you look for in a musician coach? If you know the following, it’s going to make the decision a lot easier. So, ask yourself these...

Do You Need a Musician Coach? Self-Assessment

At this point, you’re probably starting to realize that musician coaching is a real thing, and it could be quite valuable for you. But are you ready for coaching? Is it right for you? Is now a good time to get a coach? Here’s a self-assessment that will help you...

These 4 Learning Methods are Disproportionately Better

I've often said that there's an abundance of free resources available: Articles, blog posts, eBooks, physical books, events, conferences, trade shows, magazines, newsletters, podcasts, videos. And what I'm starting to discover for myself is that there are some...

General Update: May 2022

The time has come to hit the road again. My landlord recently sold the house in Abbotsford. And I have until May 31 to leave the premises. So, I started reflecting on my next move. Should I go and find an apartment or condo or another suit? And I’ve already put some...

The Best Time to do Business

For me, I've found that the best time to do business is when I've gone to Starbucks, I've sat there reading for an hour – could be a little less, could be a little more – I've gotten into flow, and I'm inspired with new ideas. That, for me, is a formula for inspired...


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Personal Development


This isn't something that's necessarily easy to talk about, or even fun to admit. But over the years, I've struggled at times with agoraphobia. For some people I've heard it's a near constant battle. And I consider myself fortunate that it hasn't been that for me. It...

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New Level, New Devil

You want more. It’s understandable. It’s human nature. But we often aren’t thinking about what we need to go through to get the more we want. Which isn’t to say one should adopt an attitude of foreboding. That’s not it. In the grand scheme of things, no matter what...

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Getting Ready to Switch Gears

My life has been getting dialed in on a variety of fronts. On the leadership front. On the financial front. On the relational front. On the networking front. But there’s one front that had nearly slipped from my view. I had almost forgotten why this has been such an...

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David Andrew Wiebe, October 2021

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