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April 3, 2024
Queen of Surrey

My grandfather loved his grandchildren. He also loved to tease them. I’m pretty sure he made me cry more than once when I was a baby.

He was a hard man, and he didn’t speak much. If he did, it was mostly in loud barks at his wife, Holdine, whom he couldn’t hear half the time. She would always be in the kitchen fretting about something, and he would be returning home from the fields, usually in a grumpy mood.

But he did know how to make a mean sausage. I will miss that, just as I miss their farm, even though there was never anything to do there.

Never one to teach anyone anything, grandpa would only ever show you how to do things.

He never taught me how to fish, how to use a lawn tractor, or how to drive a truck. But he did show me how.

We went on many fishing excursions together, and we did occasionally catch a few fish. I made him do most of the bashing and unhooking because I didn’t want to touch the fish’s slimy exterior. I’m glad we got to spend that time together.

As a man of community and church, he was always steadfast and never waning. He held onto his beliefs, and he wouldn’t hear of anything else. Maybe because of that, he always commanded a great deal of respect.

He loved Johnny Cash, wrestling, and cars. And of course, he loved God.

In his waning years, he showed a softer side. I doubt that’s how I will remember him, but the years did take a toll on the man who, at least in my eyes, was seemingly unbreakable.

I will always remember the version of my grandpa who was kind of like a superhero. Maybe he didn’t always choose right. But he did do what he felt was right.

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