Although I do not share all of my goals publicly, I do share most.

Why? Doesn’t science tell us sharing our goals with others makes us feel as though we’ve already accomplished them?

I can’t say I’ve ever had that problem. Not to mention, I’ve found that not sharing my goals leads to frustration. If others don’t know what I’m trying to accomplish, how can they help?

So, here are several of my goals (you can definitely help me achieve these!):

Sell 5,000 Copies of The Music Entrepreneur Code

Pre-orders are already underway. The official launch day is May 15, 2020 (only four days away as I write this).

Please share the book with every musician you know!

Grow Music Entrepreneur HQ YouTube Channel to Over 1,000 Subscribers

I haven’t focused on growing the YouTube channel to this point, so we’ve only got 90 or so subscribers right now.

We can’t monetize the channel until it’s got over 1,000 subscribers, so let’s get on this! Again, if you know any musicians who could benefit from my content, share away!