Fear of Being Stuck

by | Dec 5, 2022 | Uncategorized

Will this really work out?

What if you end up spending another year of your life living out the same year you’ve lived out 10 times already? Is there any expansion in that?

Does it really matter? Does God or the Universe even care that you feel stuck?

Is there a reason you’re repeating? Is your programming so deeply rooted that you don’t know how to function outside of your usual mode of operation? Do you need to be more vigilant with affirmations, meditation, reading, and reprogramming your subconscious? Or is there something you’re unwilling to give up?

Wait – if you are repeating the same year over and over, doesn’t it point to your identity? In a roundabout kind of way, aren’t you doing exactly what you were meant to be doing?

Why make a big deal about it? Should there be any significance around it?

Another year is going to pass anyway. So, wouldn’t it make sense to spend that time in community, learning from others, and sharing all your challenges with them? Maybe they can see something you can’t.

You don’t know what you don’t know. Sometimes, there are things you can’t see for yourself that are clear to others.

Maybe you’ve been making all the progress you’re supposed to be making already. Maybe things really do take time. And maybe you don’t have the perspective needed to see how you’ve been growing in the last 10 years.

It’s normal to become frustrated with the process. Things don’t always go how you plan them.

But the tipping point may not be that far away. Maybe you’ve been inching closer to it with each passing day, even though you can’t see it right now.

What if the critics were wrong? What if the devil’s advocates were also wrong? What if even the so-called “prophets” were wrong? What if you were about to achieve your dream and you didn’t even know it?