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Russell Brunson is the purveyor of sales funnels and the funnel hacker community. His book, Expert Secrets, is the second in his Secrets trilogy. But is the book any good? What can you expect to learn inside?

In this video, David offers up a book summary, several pros and cons to the book, as well as where you can find it.

Video Highlights:

  • 00:00 – Russell Brunson’s Expert Secrets
  • 00:23 – Expert Secrets book summary
  • 00:48 – Section #1: Frameworks
  • 01:23 – Section #2: Stories that sell
  • 01:43 – Section #3: Perfect Webinar script
  • 02:02 – How David thinks about the book’s structure
  • 02:26 – The book inspires
  • 02:35 – Discover frameworks
  • 02:47 – Learn to sell better
  • 02:58 – Section 2 and 3 are lengthy and don’t come with summaries
  • 04:00 – The creation of stories and scripts seems tedious
  • 04:23 – Will publishing daily for a full year make money irrelevant?
  • 04:55 – It takes a full year to get your webinar calibrated
  • 05:30 – David’s closing thoughts
  • 05:50 – Where you can get the book


Is Russell Brunson’s Experts Secrets to the Secrets trilogy what Empire Strikes Back was to the Star Wars trilogy?

Hey, it’s David Andrew Wiebe, and today we’re going to be talking about Russell Brunson’s Expert Secrets. I originally read this book back in 2017. Since then, Russell’s updated it, and there’s a lot of new content in here. So, I figured it’d be worth a second read.

Expert Secrets Book Summary

I want to kick things off with an Expert Secrets book summary. This book is split into three sections. This is a good thing to remember as you’re reading it, because you can easily lose sight of the fact that it’s split into three sections. After all, it’s well over 300 pages. So, it’s almost like there’s 100 pages to each section. Although it’s give or take because some sections are longer than others.

The first section is about developing your frameworks, earned or learned.

Since Russell Brunson is all about developing funnels that market your goods and help you sell them, his books are primarily focused on helping you find things in your daily life or in your career, or in your expertise you would personally be able to market and sell.

A framework is all about a step-by-step process for how you achieve a certain result. We all have different types of frameworks in our lives, whether we’re aware of them or not, it’s just a matter of becoming aware of them.

The second section is about developing your stories. This includes things like your Epiphany Bridge, Hero’s Two Journeys, and so on. Again, the focus of this book is marketing and selling. You’re not developing these stories just to tell them – they’re designed to help you sell what it is you’re going to be selling.

And then the third section is dedicated to creating your Perfect Webinar Script.

All this taken together, it might seem like this isn’t too crazy of a book. It’s not too extensive. But I’m telling you, it is packed with insane detail. Sometimes that works for it. Sometimes it honestly works against it.

How David Thinks About the Book

And this is just my way of looking at it. But I would say the first section is about content marketing. There’s a lot of great information in here about how you can go about publishing and finding your voice and growing an audience.

And then the second and third parts are basically Russell’s framework for selling anything through webinars.

Pros and Cons of Expert Secrets

The book has a few pros and cons and I’d like to start off with what the pros are.

  • I find the book to be inspiring. I think entrepreneurs and ambitious people who are looking to generate greater incomes will also find it inspiring.
  • And we talked a little bit about what frameworks are already, but this book is going to help you understand what they are, how they work, why you’d want to be tuned in to whatever your frameworks are and how you can use them to create a product.
  • Then the other advantage of the book is that it is going to teach you how to sell better. But for reasons I’m about to share, that’s also kind of a loaded statement.

Now for the cons on the book:

  • The two sections on creating your stories, and creating your webinar script are very, very long. And that really makes it hard to remember how to craft these. You’re probably not going to get it all on the first read through, and there’s no summaries indicating the step by step. It really is like hundreds of pages just to get some of this information.
  • And I think the Perfect Webinar script is 42 slides or something like that. Which in the grand scheme of a presentation, or a PowerPoint presentation, isn’t that much. But if you’re going to go ahead and try to create your own Perfect Webinars step by step, this is going to be a long, long process. You could easily miss things as you’re reading the book too.
  • I kind of said this already. But I really wish Russell would have broken things down into simpler steps after explaining all the detail that goes into every slide and why it’s important, and the realizations he had along the way, a simple summary page or two would have made a big difference.

And I can honestly say I’m not that inspired to build my story or my webinar script from reading this book. It just seems like a really long process. It seems tedious. And I’m not sure about what the result is going to be even when I do create all of it.

Audacious Statements of Expert Secrets

And now for a couple of things. I can’t really say they’re cons, but they may not necessarily go in the pro column either.

The first is that Russell says if you publish daily for a full year, money will never be a problem again. And it’s a really loaded statement because I’ve gone on that journey of publishing daily now for well over a year. In fact, I’m coming up on two years soon.

And while I’ve been presented with a lot of great opportunities and have built new connections – and I would say that’s a guarantee – I would not say that I’ve come to the point of money not being a problem. To be fair, there are probably some nuances that make it work. I just don’t think they’re in this book.

Brunson also says you’ll want to run your webinars daily for a full year to work out all the nuances and have it optimized in such a way that it helps you sell your product.

So, if you really want to master the information in this book, you’ve got to practice the craft and you’ve got to come back to the book repeatedly to get all the details.

Personally, whatever journey you’re on, I really don’t think Expert Secrets is the only way to get to where you want to go in your career or business. But I’m not Russell Brunson and I don’t have his results, so I could be full of it.


So, in conclusion, while I don’t recommend Expert Secrets quite as highly as DotCom Secrets and Traffic Secrets, there are still some great takeaways in Expert Secrets. And ultimately, if you want to understand DotCom Secrets and Traffic Secrets better, you should still have a copy of Expert Secrets.

Where You Can Get Expert Secrets – Amazon, Expert Secrets Website

People often ask, “Where can you get the book? Can I get it on Amazon?” Yes, you can find the book on Amazon. You can find the book at And you can also find it through our affiliate link which should be in the description.

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