Everything You Need to Know About the Entrepreneurial Essentials for Musicians Masterclass

by | Feb 9, 2021 | News

Let’s review the facts…

Last week, I launched the Entrepreneurial Essentials for Musicians Masterclass.

Until then, this masterclass was only available inside the Musical U community.

A couple of years ago, they asked me to share this masterclass with their live audience. They recorded the content and added it to their membership.

But the wonderful people at Musical U were kind enough to share this content with me so that I could share it with YOU.

And I’ve been waiting for the right opportunity to get it in your hands. The timing finally presented itself last year in the form of 10XPro, a new platform that allows me to share course content with you.

You may have noticed that my course lives on Content Marketing Musician rather than Music Entrepreneur HQ. Now you know why. 10XPro requires a separate domain for installation.

Now, the name Christopher Sutton may have popped up on your radar, so let me explain that as well. He is the director of Musical U. And his face can be seen inside the course, during the introduction and Q&A.

He is also one of my favorite human beings (we have many shared values).

This masterclass was based on my book, The Essential Guide to Music Entrepreneurship and is therefore its companion course.

I added four brand new lessons to the masterclass to make sure you would get the most from it (not so I could stuff your hard drive full of content you wouldn’t even use!).

The masterclass comes with 13 lessons total on how to impact more fans and earn more from your passion. Each lesson is presented in video format. Having said that, the lessons also come with word for word transcripts.

When you purchase the course, you get lifetime access to it. No questions asked.

And in the future, I may add more lessons if it makes sense. If I get a bunch of questions, I’m more than happy to add another Q&A.

But that’s not all…

FACT: I’ve already received some great feedback on this course.

FACT: If you hurry, you might still be able to get the course for $9 ($40 off full price).

FACT: The price of the course will go up by $10 each week until it reaches full price. The longer you wait, the more you will pay for it.

Clear as mud?

I just wanted to make sure you knew all this, because I’ve had more than a few questions come my way regarding the course (which, by the way, I welcome!).

If you’ve been following me for more than a few weeks, then you know that I am generous in sharing my knowledge and experience. There are over 800 value-packed posts on Music Entrepreneur HQ alone. You know that I would not try to sell you a half-baked product.

I hope all this makes sense to you. If there’s something stopping you from joining me on the inside, I want to know. So, don’t hesitate to email me. Cool?

Otherwise, it’s time to learn more about the course NOW.

Entrepreneurial Essentials for Musicians Masterclass