Everything is Available in Communication

by | May 10, 2021 | Personal Development

What is it that you’re looking to achieve right now?

Where do you feel stuck?

What change are you looking to make?

It’s easy to feel powerless in taking first steps. In my experience, powerlessness is our default state as we look to shift from wanting to creating.

But it’s critical to realize that wanting only creates more wanting. It cannot beget anything else.

It’s good to be in touch with what you want, but if you want to get what you want, you’ve got to move to the getting phase as soon as possible, or you’ll just end up focusing on what you don’t have, and the wanting/not having cycle will continue.

The key thing to remember in the getting phase is that everything is available in communication. If there is anything lacking in life, it’s likely because of a conversation (or series of conversations) not had.

Jobs, pay raises, new relationships, better relationships, and all forms of opportunity are available on the other side of conversations not had.

This realization doesn’t make it any easier to have those conversations, but it’s crucial that you understand it. Because without this realization, you will spin your wheels going about trying to get what you want in other, ineffective ways. You’ll try to convince yourself that there is a different way, a better way, a way that doesn’t involve making phone calls and being upfront, and vulnerable, and open about what you want.

But what good has hiding what you want done for you? Has it gotten you any closer to what you desire?

This doesn’t mean that you will get a “yes” just because you ask for what you want. It may be necessary to transform your ask or to clear away the clutter before the dam breaks. And the “yes” you’re looking for… it may not come from who you think it will, when you think it will, or how you think it will. But that’s not an excuse to stop asking. The ask must be made regardless, because what all successful people have in common is they ask for what they want.

This sheds light on all the funny exercises (such as laying down in public places) Tim Ferriss has you do in The 4-Hour Workweek (affiliate link). It’s not just about growing your comfort zone or tolerance for drawing attention to yourself. It’s about getting in the habit of taking risks and acting in the face of fear. And as an ambitious creative or creator, if you want to reach your goals, I promise you will need to take risks and act in the face of fear.

Taking a page from my own life, I have seen all manner of contracts, investing opportunities, and resources flow into my life in the last couple of weeks. And it all happened because I started finishing conversations that had already been started. Sometimes, it is necessary to close open loops for what’s in our vibrational escrow to manifest in our lives.

Even if you aren’t aware of what conversations you need to have right now, start communicating. You’ll start to figure it out. And don’t forget to start listening from a new space.

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