No Escape

David Andrew Wiebe

Released: June 21, 2019
Genre: Rock, Funk, Pop

Track List:

  1. No Escape (3:10)
  2. Sleepless Blues (1:33)
  3. Don’t Wait Too Long (3:54)
  4. Hope (3:37)
  5. Grace Is Bittersweet (3:57)

EP Description:

Emerging again from a long period of silence, solo artist singer-songwriter and guitarist David Andrew Wiebe unleashes his latest multi-faceted five-track EP, No Escape.

The lead off title track “No Escape” is an aggressive and funky tune exploring themes of escapism and identify crisis. “We’re just running from ourselves in the end” proclaims Wiebe. Escape from restlessness is momentary at best.

“Sleepless Blues” serves as a laid-back acoustic instrumental blues interlude, and somehow leads nicely into the progressive pop-rock “Don’t Wait Too Long”, a song about the vacuum of depression and the resulting downward spiral. If you believe nothing, you’ll fall for anything.

The cheery “Hope” is a pop rock anthem that finds the writer disillusioned with superficial and unverified faith in a force outside of himself. If hope is all there is, then life is unchanging. There is nothing to look forward to but more of the same.

Finally, “Grace is Bittersweet” finds the writer grappling with his humanity, in the end bowing at the feet of the divine. This musically diverse but cohesive offering shows Wiebe and his collaborators at their best, taking the listener on an all-too-brief but unforgettable auditory journey.

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All songs written by David Andrew Wiebe © 2019

David Andrew Wiebe – Vocals, Acoustic and Electric Guitars
Patrick Zelinski – Bass, Keyboard, Mellotron, Glockenspiel
Harry Faunt – Drums, Vocals
Jesse Clarke – Djembe
Anna Mae Alexander – Vocals

Produced by David Andrew Wiebe and Patrick Zelinski
Recorded by Patrick Zelinski and Glyn Owen
Recorded at Active Light Productions and Big Kid Records
Mixed by Patrick Zelinski
Mastered by John Tornblom,Transparent Mastering

Album photography and artwork by Karlo Keet and David Andrew Wiebe


No Escape

Restlessness is taking over
Don’t know what to do
Don’t know where to go
You take yourself
Wherever you go
Doesn’t matter what you do
You can’t hide

There’s no escape
No amount of fun
That will keep you long enough
To forget all your troubles
We’re just running from ourselves in the end

We keep wandering
Looking for a refuge
Something we can’t find
Unless we find it in ourselves
A moment away
May soothe the pain
But it won’t cure you
From your need for change

There’s nothing wrong with you
And you will find your way
I believe in you
You can rise above

Don’t Wait Too Long

What was the step you took that led you down
Into darkness?
What was the lie that you believed
That put you in a pit of despair?

And still you say
You can’t relate

They say don’t wait too long
For a miracle to come
Nothing’s ever gonna change
They say don’t waste your time
Putting faith in a lie
But I believe in you

Tangled in a trap of your own making
There’s no escaping your web of lies
There’s nowhere to run, nowhere to hide anymore
Everyone can hear your cry for help

Alternate Chorus:
They say it’s just too late
There is no way
Nothing’s ever gonna change
They say there is no hope
No, you can’t sit and wait
But I believe in you


Hope is all there is and all there ever was
And everything else can fall away for all I care

If you take what you’re fed
And you never question it
If you wait for what you want
And never go after it
Where would that leave you?

You say you believe
In some far off dream
And I once believed
In something unseen
So, when is that ship coming in?

Soon enough you figure out
That no one has it figured out
Soon enough you’ll see
They’re not that different from you and me

Alternate Bridge:
Show me that it’s true
Show me the real you
Show me that there’s more than hope

Grace Is Bittersweet

What’s done is done, it’s time to move on
There’s no way to change what has come and gone
How do I become who I was meant to be
When I’m too busy running trying to get free

My request is simple
Though there isn’t a prayer eloquent enough
Waiting for a quiet answer
You came so I could be

Released forever
I was a captive of my desires
But your love never ends
I can’t comprehend how merciful you are
When the taste of grace is bittersweet


Working Out the “No Escape” Solo