Don’t You Have ANY Original Thoughts?

by | Feb 8, 2024 | Video

Sometimes, it can be easy to mistake thorough investigation with being “book smart.” In this video, David shares his process for creating content and why it is often rich with examples, stats, quotes, stories, and case studies.


In writing blog posts and scripting podcast episodes, I will sometimes reference relevant quotes or statistics or case studies that either complement or supplement the post in some way.

What’s interesting is sometimes people have come to me and gone, “Dude, like, don’t you have any of your own beliefs You’re always quoting other people and telling other people’s stories.”

And the funny part about that is I’m usually stating exactly what I think, and then supplementing it with references that prove my point.

Most people seem to love it that I provide links to additional resources and tools that help them in their music career.

And if you’re the kind of person that loves additional tools, resources, references, case studies, statistics that are going to help you create the life you love through music, then I think you’ll resonate with me just fine.