Don’t Run Past it

by | Aug 22, 2021 | Personal Development

Everything you say is significant and nothing is a throwaway.

Yet, we tend to run past important matters all the time.

That’s the nature of most conversations. We jump from one topic to another depending on what another says. A makes us think of B, and X reminds us of Y. A familiar, automatic dialog ensues. So, we end up having the same conversations because every time X comes up, we remember to talk about Y.

“I really don’t like living here…”

Sounds like a throwaway phrase in an ordinary conversation, but it’s anything but. There is something behind that statement. Something you’re not admitting to yourself or anyone else. An opportunity to come clean and discover what you’re really thinking and feeling.

You’re running past critical conversations that need to be had. Staying with these conversations would cause you to see what’s there. It would have you seeing and admitting inauthenticity.

When we run past these conversations, we miss the opportunity to be authentic. And people aren’t touched, moved, or inspired by anything less than authenticity. If you’re missing inspiration in your life, it could be that you haven’t been very authentic lately.