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Don't Procrastinate

Don’t Procrastinate

So far, we’ve talked about the importance of taking action and not getting held back by analysis paralysis. In connection with these items, it’s important to purge procrastination from your habits. Napoleon Hill would undoubtedly echo these sentiments.

Unfortunately, many of us are in the habit of putting things off. Usually this is because we fear unforeseen results, or we don’t particularly enjoy the activity. We have to learn to overcome these obstacles if we want to be as personally effective as we can be.

Those who are looking to amass wealth in their life will find it prudent to take care of important matters sooner rather than later. Don’t wait for your load to increase to the point of overwhelm. Get in the habit of doing things as they come.

Here are several reasons to overcome the procrastination habit:

You Risk Having Decisions Forced Upon You

If you wait too long to make a decision or you continue to avoid important tasks, you risk having decisions forced upon you.

A project that you’ve been putting a lot of time towards could be kyboshed by a superior.

You could get fired for not doing what you were asked to do.

You could disappoint people who are counting on you.

You could strain a relationship.

Though worst-case scenarios rarely happen, there are a variety of unfavorable circumstances that could play out in your life if you procrastinate too much.

In order to conquer this issue, first consider whether or not it’s something you have to do. If it can be delegated to a more suitable individual, do so. If it’s low on your priority chain, there may be someone else that can take care of it for you.

Secondly, if you have to take care of it yourself, identify why you are putting it off. When you know what you’re up against, you can come up with a strategy to counter it.

Finally, come to a decision. Inaction is as much a choice as action. Even if your decision is simply to quit or to let others know that there will be a delay, it’s better than waiting to see what could happen.

You Risk Inconveniencing Others

Other people could be waiting on your decision to move forward with their duties. Maybe they’re watching to see what you will do so they can make an informed decision for themselves.

If you take too long, others might lose respect for you.

You could hold others back from carrying out their assigned duties.

You could be setting a bad example for your children, your pupil or your team.

Again, there are a variety of different consequences for procrastination. Disappointing others is oftentimes a hard pill to swallow. It’s better to keep others in the loop rather than assume that they know why you’re taking so long.

You Risk Missing Opportunities

The biggest issue with procrastination is that you could end up missing valuable opportunities. Completing a difficult task could open the door to new and exciting things. It could be a test through which you prove yourself and your character. Sometimes this is a necessary part of moving onto the next level of personal achievement.

Those who can handle their task-load – even when it’s challenging – will prove themselves valuable to the world. They will develop their own leadership capabilities, and others will want to follow them.