The New Year is one of the few times in a year (if not the only time) people allow their minds to run wild with goals and dreams.

Goal setting is critical, and it should be taken to with vigor. What we’re about to delve into here, however, goes a little deeper than that.

I’ll cover goal setting on another occasion. You could even read the following title for now:

Setting Goals for Your Music Career

Today, we’re looking at:

Intention Setting and Habits

Kyle Cease suggests we don’t just want to look at what we plan to accomplish in 2024. We also need to set an intention for the year and consider the specific habits that will fulfill this intention.

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Otherwise, you’re in danger of letting 2024 run you (and who knows how that will go?). Don’t you want to be the one running 2024? Or wouldn’t you rather be in complete alignment with the Universe’s intention for your life?

So, listen to your inner self as well as the Universe. Contemplate. Meditate. Make note of what comes to you. Some things are sure to bubble to the surface.

If you feel it will make a difference, you can also reflect on past behaviors that lead to favorable results. Go to Starbucks, order a coffee, sit yourself down in front of your laptop, put your headphones (or earbuds) on, put on some music that gets you into flow, and direct your thoughts to past victories.

I recently did exactly this and even shared my reflections in blog form. These are golden.

You may not enjoy it, but I find the following music perfect for intentional thinking and reflection time:

Prompts to Guide Your Thinking

Some of you may sit yourself down in your favorite café as suggested, and still not have any idea what habits to cultivate in 2024. You may use the following prompts in your reflection time to zero in on meaningful answers:

  • What worked in 2023? What didn’t?
  • What is one thing that, if accomplished in 2024, would make you feel over the moon excited?
  • What challenges are you facing that you would like to resolve?
  • Can you recall any good habits you used to keep that you can re-adopt now?
  • What good habits did you keep during your most prosperous years?
  • What things haven’t you tried that you could try in 2024?
  • Uncommon results require uncommon effort. What is something you’re willing to do in 2024 that most people aren’t?

How David is Approaching 2024:

For illustration purposes only, here are some of the habits I’ve been inspired to take on in 2024:

  • Eat well. I established good habits from September onward in 2023. Keep to those habits. Drink smoothies. Take supplements. Eat vegan as much as possible.
  • Work out three to four times per week. I also established good workout habits in 2023. Keep to them and challenge limits.
  • Meditate for 20 to 50 minutes per day. I took heavily to meditation during my burnout, and it proved immensely beneficial. Keep going deeper.
  • Read a book per week. Reading a book per week is a habit I kept during my most prosperous years.
  • Document my income. Another prosperity habit. Write down all income sources on white paper with a blue pen.
  • Affirm income. Say, “I’m a money magnet. Thank you, thank you, thank you.” Say it whenever money comes in, no matter how small the amount.
  • Say “no” to toxic people. Some people will never appreciate me, my talents, skills, experience, or even worth. They will not add value to me, support me, or recognize me in any way. Those people are not worth my time.
  • Say “no” to toxic projects. See last point.
  • Process emails. Don’t fall behind.