Nothing worth having comes without a fight.

As independents, we’ve all got a passion to pursue, and the road to success isn’t always straightforward or easy.

David himself has encountered challenges too numerous to mention on the way to creating the life he loves through his own creativity – surviving a major earthquake, the death of his father, generalized anxiety disorder, filing for consumer proposal, and a great deal more.

David’s work has focused primarily on the music business, independent musicians, creatives, creativity, and creators. He’s created an array of resources serving different needs – eBooks, books, newsletters, courses, coaching programs, online academies, and more.

But we know that the resources he’s painstakingly curated and created aren’t for everyone.

Still, if he has impacted you in any way – if you’ve been inspired by David’s tireless work ethic, willingness to give, and efforts to support humanitarian and missional causes – we urge you to consider donating any amount to show your appreciation for him and his work today.

Chances are you will never come back to this page again. So, before you’re distracted by something shinier and navigate away from this page, can we count on your generous support today?

When you’re ready, simply click on the button below and follow the prompts to donate any amount to David’s ongoing work to better the world for independents of any persuasion – musicians, authors, visual artists, entrepreneurs, creators, podcasters, and more.


Frequently Asked Questions

Here we’ll address any relevant concerns you might have.

Will the donations go directly to David?

Yes, but not 100% of each donation, as relevant PayPal fees will apply. If in doubt, add 3% to your donation and that should cover any fees we might incur.

It’s saying to donate to Red Flame. Is this the correct account?

Yes, David’s sole proprietorship was originally established under the business name, Red Flame.

Can I purchase one of David’s products in lieu of donating to David and his work?

Yes, you can always find the latest creations on the products page.

Why are you asking for donations?

David believes in being a student of his own advice. One of the ways he encourages independents to create a viable revenue stream for themselves is through donations.

Additionally, asking for donations represents a valuable opportunity to contribute and to be contributed to. Giving creates flow in one’s life, and is the precursor to receiving. David wants you to experience this truth for yourself.

What are David’s efforts to support humanitarian causes?

In memory of his late father and grandparents (aside from his grandfather on his mother’s side who is still alive and well), David gives regularly to the Camrose-based non-profit organization, Sahakarini.

You can also learn more about some of his efforts in this blog post.