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The Doge Pound's Genre of the Week: Jay Plays Space EngineersWhat’s up, AS community? Having a good wreck so far? I mean week?

Never mind good… you should be having a great week!

Why? Because you have arrived, my friend. This is the place to be. Moreover, it’s lame to be having a bad week. Everyone has bad weeks. Dare to be different!

For today’s update, we’re going to feature another The Doge Pound video, with Jay playing Space Engineers. And in case you missed it, you should check out the podcast we did with them too. We’ll probably do more of those.

Don’t forget to scroll all the way down. We’ve added a bunch of stuff we know you’re going to like. And you should probably comment on this post, too. Yeah.

Anyway, let’s get on with the video.

Video Overview:

  • Jay explains why he is playing Space Engineers.
  • Jay describes the different components of his ship… in detail.
  • Jay maneuvers into the bigger red ship without blowing something up. Bigger ships have gravity.
  • Jay shows us around the red ship… and gets lost.
  • Jay flies the red ship, with WSAD.
  • Jay attempts to ram the red ship into the base… and just gets stuck. He broke gravity. Much retard.
  • Jay shows us around the base.
  • Jay flies the blue ship… which is oddly phallic shaped.
  • Jay attempts to ram the blue ship… and just gets stuck.
  • Jay keeps ramming the blue ship and actually starts breaking stuff.
  • Jay fails to join a multiplayer game.
  • Jay explains how crafting works in-game.
  • Then we hear some Dubstep… and the game crashes.
  • Jay shows us how station-building works.
  • Jay builds us a gravity generator, which generates gravity. Duh.
  • Jay builds his ship; “The Red Ring of Death”.
  • It’s gotta save.
  • Jay explains why he bought Space Engineers, despite the fact that he knew it would be glitchy.
  • “Crafting is very cool, and I like it.”
  • “Knocked my mouse almost off my desk.”
  • Jay flies The Red Ring of Death… but she won’t go, captain.
  • Jay gets her to go.
  • Jay adds landing pads and rocket launchers to the ship.
  • Jay experiences lag.
  • “Time for doom’s day. Here we go.”
  • Jay blows stuff up with the rocket launchers. 🙂

Quotable Moment:

Items Mentioned In This Video:

What To Do After Watching This Video:

We suggest you go and relieve yourself of some of that pent-up stress and blow some stuff up. But not in real life. That would be stupid.

No, go play your favorite FPS game or something and blow up everything in sight with a rocket launcher. There you go. Now you feel better. Ahhh…

Then, listen to this song. Because it’s about rocket launchers.