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The Doge Pound - Channel TrailerLast week, we had The Doge Pound on the podcast (if you haven’t checked it out already, you’re missing out big time), and we intend to build a long-lasting relationship with them. Gabefornow (from the AS team) was sorely missed on the show, and likewise Pooch (from The Doge), but we hope to rectify that situation soon.

Though we haven’t defined our exact terms for partnership as of yet (yes, AS and The Doge are in cahoots), they’ve already started plugging us and linking us up (how nice!). So, likewise, we’re going to start promoting their content. We’re cool like that (don’t you wish your blogging friends were fun like me?).

So, to get things underway (*the horn sounds*), we’re going to feature their channel trailer from YouTube right here on the blog. Check it out below!

In this video you will learn:

  • What The Doge Pound is all about.
  • How they intend to grow their YouTube channel and team.
  • What kind of content they plan on creating.
  • About their plans for the future.
  • About their posting schedule.

Here at AS Movies & Games, we recommend subscribing to their YouTube channel for extra brownie points. That will help you keep on top of all of their videos too. Our overlords would feel fantastic and fortunate if our Felix friends were rewarded for their fabulous work (check out how many f-words I managed to fit in to that last sentence; and I don’t mean curse words).

By the way, this video features footage from Team Fortress 2 (affiliate link; in case you want to buy the game). I’m rather fond of that TF2. It’s a gooder.

So, reader, thanks for joining us on another wondrous journey through the world of gaming. We hope you’ll join us again next week for another awesome post. What am I saying? Of course you’ll be there!