Do You Want to Do Something About It?

by | May 14, 2023 | Personal Development

Every day, we’re presented with challenges.

Maybe the finances are tight. Maybe we failed to win over a client. Perhaps a conversation with the significant other didn’t go over so well.

But not everyone wants to do something about their circumstances. It’s okay if you don’t want to act. But the more honest you are about where you stand on the matter, the better.

If you don’t want to do anything about your situation, you should prepare to live with it. It is a perfectly acceptable path.

If you don’t want to do anything about your situation, you should prepare to live with it. Share on X

The problem arises when we’re confused about acting or not acting. If we’re confused, 1) we won’t do the things necessary to change our circumstances, and 2) the quality of our actions will be unsure, tentative, and ineffectual.

If our finances are tight, we could hope and pray for a solution. We could buy a lottery ticket. We could beg our friends for money.

All things being equal, it’s better to do something rather than nothing.

But I would not say that any of the above are quality actions, especially given they are not long-term solutions.

If you need to make some mistakes before seeking out better solutions, there is nothing wrong with that. But a person who is earnest about finding a solution will dedicate as much time as they possibly can to the problem, researching, studying, journaling, documenting, tracking, measuring, asking questions, getting into conversations, and seeking out coaching and mentors, until they’ve illuminated previously unseen blind spots.

Be honest with yourself – if you are doing anything less than that, can you honestly say you want to do something about your situation?

If you’re going to do something about your situation, don’t sit on the fence. Muster all the time, energy, and resources you can in overcoming the challenge. Even if you fail, your commitment will not be in vain. The Universe will move mountains on your behalf. But if you don’t begin, very little will happen.

Do you want to do something about it? Sit with that question and know your answer as a “yes” or “no,” not as a “maybe.” Only you can do this for you.