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This is part 9 of a 12 part interview with Dennis Crawford.

Dennis Crawford InterviewManifestation

Andrew: So I think some of our readers and listeners might tie into making money or determining their financial future.

Dennis: Absolutely, you and I know each other because of our mutual passion for guitar, we have a little bit of a difference in our ability to play the guitar mind you. But we could even apply it to that, if I believe I’m always going to be a hack and I’m never going to be able to play the guitar or make beautiful sounds in any way shape or form I never will. Yet if I frame that a little different and say no I have infinite capacity to express myself in this way with this instrument, then I will. And I’m firmly committed to that, right?

It may look different for a year of learning progression than mine because of programming or genetics or past experience or I guess genetics speaks to music intelligence so we might have different capacities for greatness in that way but we’re only limited by what we believe we’re limited by at the end of the day.

To the extent I think where some people get into trouble with the power of intention is if someone translates that to mean that they’ll just wish hard enough that a Ferrari is going to manifest in their driveway I think they’re missing the point of what the power of intention is. I mean yes that can happen but not because you’re sitting there squinting your eyes saying it over and over again, that’s not what the power of tension is. The power of tension is creating a blank canvas to create and manifest that Ferrari in the driveway or whatever form that takes.

I mean there’s many, many roads that could take, I could go steal one and put it in my driveway and I manifested the Ferrari. I could create a business where I create a certain amount of wealth where I can manifest that, great. So I think as long as the power of intention or the intentions your moving towards follow a path of… I’m struggling for a word.. follow a path of preciousness. You know or…love. Or.. I’m struggling for the word but hopefully I’m making my point.

Andrew: Personal resonance.

Dennis: Perhaps, yeah. I think there’s a certain amount of.. I don’t know. I wouldn’t attach any conditions to our ability to manifest with the power of intention but I think there’s things that are righteous and holistic and benevolent and I think there’s stuff that’s just greedy and it’s ego driven. So your ability to manifest under the power of intention comes from an ego driven.. which is false in the first place.

Because the ego’s really mind stuff, it’s just stuff we made up. Who are you? Well I’m this, this, this and the other thing. Well that’s according to your opinion, right? Yeah you might be somebody else completely to somebody else from a different background and different perspective and everything else. That’s all mind stuff, that’s not real in the first place. So I think this power of intention comes from a place or a source that is real, I think we have unlimited power and capacity in that regard.

Andrew: It seems like it’s often about doing the little things, making little tweaks in your life that bring those things about that you wouldn’t be able to trace a direct line between setting the goal and having intention and the completion and the manifestation of that goal. It seems like you made it a point to contact this person who referred you to this person who brought up this opportunity which enabled you to purchase a Ferrari.

Dennis: It may come in any way you’ve imagined, but if you know you have the capacity to do this, and you’re going to set about doing it within a more realistically and fundamentally solid framework, then you can create anything and you’re right it could be any little detail.

I reflect on that sometimes when I look at my children, I say to myself if I didn’t accept that invitation from my friend Darren in 1987 to go water-skiing for the day, and I didn’t pick my holidays three months prior where I actually had that day off, and the capacity to go water-skiing with my friend where my future wife happened to be there, when you look back at your own life you’ve got so many pivot points that you can’t see it at the time. You have no idea, but I think under the principles of the power of intention, those things will fall into place to create and manifest your intention. If you’re open to it and you’re accepting of it. And if’s from a spiritually sound kind of place.

Andrew: That’s great.

Dennis: I think I’m having a hard time articulating what I mean by that, because it’s hard to box it up into words and labels but that’s kind of what I think about power of intention. Unfortunately I think in some of the stuff that’s out there in today’s world that sort of looks to harvest the power of intention if you will, it’s somewhat misguided because it ends up morphing into some sort of ego enhancing or ego driven agenda. And given that the ego is false, it’s an illusion in the first place, that’s a recipe to fail.

Andrew: Yeah like a personal creation engine or a slot machine that always produces 7’s, which doesn’t work that way.

Dennis: No, definitely not. Definitely not.

Andrew: Well being a writer and writing on a variety of topics I’ve sort of come across a fairly optimistic economic outlook for 2014 in various sectors and that could be something that’s unique to the sectors, that could be something that’s almost like an oasis in the desert like it’s a temporary thing and we should take advantage of it now, but all in all what are your thoughts on that? Is 2014 overall a good year?