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This is part 8 of a 12 part interview with Dennis Crawford. In this segment, Andrew and Dennis discuss personal growth.

Dennis Crawford InterviewPersonal Growth

Andrew: I think one of the interesting things you touched on there was how with personal growth you can invest a lot of time in building that foundation but it’s almost like it’s not quite coming together but then you have that moment whether it’s a book or an audio that really shapes and forms it and puts it in a box that makes sense. Like its not in a box but it sort of frames it in a way..

Dennis: Yeah it resonates with you at a time in your life when you’re ready for it in that way.

The interesting thing with Eckhart Tolle is that I read him two years probably before I really got it. And when I say got it I don’t mean got it like intellectually like when you finally figure out how to do square root math problems or something. Not like that, when it finally hits home I think when that happens no matter who your teacher is or your example is or your guru is whatever term you want to use, I think when it clicks it’s because you’re in a place where you’re allowing that information to come in and find you when you’re ready for it.

I guess to quote the Bible it’s seek and you shall find. And in my experience that’s very true. If you seek with honesty and openly without preconceived conditions about where it needs to come from and what time line it needs to come, but if you truly seek I think you will find I can certainly say that’s been the case for me. I’ve spent a lot of years rattling around in the predominantly Christian church not really getting it. Like intellectually saying ‘Yeah okay, but how did they get the animals on one boat?’

Andrew: Hahaha.

Dennis: ‘Or Jonah lived in the well for a few days.. okay let me just figure out how that..” and you can’t do it like that, you can’t approach ancient scripture in that way. You have to come at it from another place so when I started even though it was Eckhart Tolle that helped me crack the shell so to speak, a lot of the other things that completely would have been lost on me before started to make a little bit more sense and resonate a little bit deeper.

Andrew: That’s good. So the Power of Intention is something that we talked about a little bit on the website. And I know Dr. Wayne Dyer is a proponent on that, so what are your thoughts? What do you think is the power of intention?

Dennis: That’s an excellent question, because I think the power of intention is understood by different people in different ways. I think some people, if I can group a little bit, some people really often the New Age camp may see a different version of what that means than a traditional Christian background or a more fundamental background.

For me the power of intention really speaks to the infinite capacity for creativity of the human experience. You know at some level and I think this what Christ was really talking about in some instances is the same spirit miracle, the same intelligence that animated Christ animates yourselves and myself and I think Christ in some way leaving the question of did he do this or that out of it, I think what Jesus was saying in a lot of the sayings is that I’m made of the same stuff that you’re made of and you have the capacity to become a fully realized and actualized individual and here’s the way. I think that’s ultimately what the message was to a large degree. Without a lot of rules and if thens attached to that, if you do this then you will do that. I have a bit of resistance to some of that just instinctually.

So the power of intention for me really speaks to the fact that you know I think our ability to create, our ability to manifest as human beings is limited really only by our preconceived definitions of that or boxes that we put around that. I think if you say I’ll never be able to lose that twenty pounds and get into the kind of shape I want to get in, then you will not. If you say I have the power to create a viable business structure in this area and deliver my value to people create this, if you head into that with that intention in mind and you shut off the naysaying that might go on in your own mind in that regard then I think you can create that. I think human beings are so much more capable than what we’re demonstrating right now by truly coming to accept and believe that is true.

And I don’t mean something, if we had somebody that wanted to take a counter position to that they might say show me how you can jump off that building and fly because I don’t think you can even though you think you can. So I think.. I don’t want to put boundaries on it because I don’t think there are any boundaries on it. Yeah I can jump off that building and fly, I just have to attach a paraglider to myself and I’ll do that right? So how it manifests is a completely different thing, and to think that at this stage in history that human knowledge is complete and we know everything there is to know, which is our default reaction in a lot of cases, we think we have things figured out.

You know 2000 years ago they didn’t really know anything. They didn’t have basic writing utensils let alone the stuff we have today. But what this world might look like 200 years from now because of the concept on intention I don’t even think you and I can sit here and imagine today. If we were to take your iPhone and flip it out on somebody.. set it on top of a rock¬† in front of a cowboy out on the range in 1850 he couldn’t even understand the rubber case that your iPhone is made out of, let alone the movie playing on the screen. That would have been right from another planet or another solar system, they didn’t even understand the concept of a solar system in 1850.

So the capacity for human knowledge and expression and creativity is I believe infinite. And that’s what the power of intention speaks to me, that we have the power to manifest things beyond our wildest dreams and we’re really only limited by our beliefs.