David Andrew Wiebe in 2016Hailing from Camrose, Alberta, Canada, David Andrew Wiebe is a multi-talented guitarist, vocalist, and songwriter.

He grew up in Takarazuka, Hyogo, Japan, where he went to public school from kindergarten to grade eight, and became fluent in the Japanese language.

At the time, he was immersed in manga (Japanese comics), video games and artwork. Music mostly served as a backdrop to those activities, but he recalls enjoying J-Rock duo B’z as well as J-Pop duo CHAGE&ASKA growing up.

When Wiebe was 13, his father crashed his motorcycle into the side of a transport truck. He was in a coma for about 10 days, but ultimately passed away. It was then that the Wiebe family made the decision to move back to Canada.

Meanwhile, Mrs. Sasaki – a friend of Wiebe’s father – offered him a nylon-string acoustic guitar. Alas, she couldn’t actually deliver the guitar before Wiebe moved back to Canada.

However, in due course, she travelled all the way out to Drumheller, Alberta, to deliver that guitar to his grandparent’s home.

The guitar sat in Wiebe’s closet for a couple of years at his home in Calgary, Alberta, but when he saw his friend play a handful of popular songs on his guitar at summer camp, he came away determined to learn to play.

At 17, Wiebe began learning guitar at a ferocious rate, and his guitar teacher, Jason Johnson, says he surpassed him within two lessons!

Wiebe credits Johnson for giving him the solid foundation he needed on his instrument, and also says he owes a great deal to his other teachers and mentors: guitar repairman Tom Martin, veteran Brian Griffiths, MI graduate Shawn Johnsen, jazz instructor Jim Riley, and virtuoso Daniel Guy Martin for his growth.

In 2006, Wiebe released his first solo album, Shipwrecked… My Sentiments. During production, his cousin Mitchell took his own life. It was already a tumultuous time for Wiebe, who was feeling disillusioned with multiple band projects all ending in shambles.

Shipwrecked... My Sentiments

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However, Wiebe’s music journey would continue on, and today he has multiple session playing and engineering credits to his name, including Active Light’s Active Light EP, Jonathan Ferguson’s Sweeter After Difficulties, and Andrew Riches’ 12 String Monster.

Wiebe started his own podcast in 2009, and has been creating a variety of resources for musicians ever since. One of his primary projects at this moment is The Music Entrepreneur website, which features blog posts, podcast episodes, eBooks, audio courses, and other resources.

The Music Entrepreneur

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As a musician, author, blogger, podcaster, speaker and consultant, David Andrew Wiebe makes it his mission to give back to musicians and the industry at large.