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Writer. Author. Artist. Creator. Designer. Musician. Entrepreneur. Community builder.

There isn’t one word that adequately describes everything David Andrew Wiebe does. He is all these things and more.

Well-versed in a variety of topics, he’s often been called a “walking encyclopedia” by friends.

Canada born and Japan raised, Wiebe started writing songs when he was 14, picked up the guitar at 17, and started playing for worship teams and bands almost immediately.

After earning his Certificate in Discipleship at Rocky Mountain College, he became a guitar teacher, a career path he would follow for the better part of 10 years. And, he had only been playing guitar for two and half years when he started!

Concurrently, he played in various singer-songwriter, rock, punk and country bands, tribute acts, jazz ensembles, and worship teams. He also contributed to various compilations and even launched a solo career.

Wiebe would also go onto become the go-to session guitarist in Calgary, AB, produce other artists, make radio and TV appearances, appear in live DVDs as a guest guitarist, and more.

Podcasting for over 10 years, Wiebe continues to pursue his artistic passions and share his knowledge and experiences with independent musicians, music educators and music entrepreneurs.

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David Andrew Wiebe of Music Entrepreneur HQ

Topics Wiebe covers:

Audio & Music Production

Authorship & Writing

Business & Entrepreneurship

Church & Worship Teams

Community Building

Content & Search Engine Optimization

Event Organizing, Teching & Hosting

Guitar & Other String Instruments

Graphic & Web Design

Live Performance & Open Mics

Online & Offline Marketing

Personal Development & Mindset


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Brent Vaartstra

Brent Vaartstra

“I want to thank you so much for being on the show. You’ve unloaded a ton of value on my audience today and there’s so much great stuff to think about, especially around mindset. I feel like I’ve learned some things just talking to you. Thanks for being on and I have a feeling you’ll be on a show in the future as well.”

Monica Strut

Monica Strut

“Something about David Wiebe’s voice is pretty damn soothing if you ask me. But don’t let that fool you. His podcast is jam packed with golden nuggets that cover a variety of topics not only to do with music but mindset and motivation (very important aspects of any business).”

Jules Schroeder

Jules Schroeder

“David, thank you so much for taking the time to chat with all of us Unconventional Lifers. I love these conversations.”

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