Custom Stage Plots

by | Jan 10, 2024 | Uncategorized

Fed up with most stage plot builders I could find online, I decided to design a custom stage plot in Photoshop.

The result is as follows:

Stage plot example

How about that for easy on the eyes?

Best of all, this took me less time to create than it would have fiddling around with stage plot templates.

The Problem with Most Stage Plot Builders

  • They’re visually gross, making it hard for you and the venue to figure out what the h-e double hockey sticks is going on. This makes you look amateur.
  • They force you into their workflow.
  • Most stage plot generators cost too much.
  • Creating a single stage plot takes far too much time and effort.
  • Most plans cut you off after one free stage plot.
  • Most tools aren’t flexible enough to let you copy, paste, and modify your plot with ease (e.g., for the same show, but for a different artist or band).

Would You Like Me to Make Your Custom Stage Plot Online?

I’ll make you up to three custom stage plots for $25. How does that sound?

Place your order here and I will get in touch with you as fast as I humanly can!