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Creating Wealth with IntentionWe’ve all heard about good intentions. It usually describes a situation or circumstance where you intended to do something right, but you ended up with a different result.

For example, maybe you decided to be nice to someone for a change, and you expected that person to reciprocate. Instead, when you were nice to them, they just lashed back at you. Maybe they were afraid. Maybe they thought you were teasing them or lying to them. Sometimes it’s hard to defy reputation.

The problem with “good intentions” is that sometimes they just aren’t enough. Intention needs to be followed up with effort and action to be effectual.

That isn’t to say that intention isn’t powerful, however. It’s quite the opposite, in fact.

The Power of Intention

You can intend to do anything. Since an intention begins with the mind, it can set the tone for your day, your week, your month, your year, your life. It can spur you to action and cause you to overcome difficulties and challenges.

Intention is a lot like making up your mind. For example, let’s say that you decided to write a book. The only problem is, you’re not sure what subject you want to write about yet. You have a few different topics in mind.

When you finally decide on a topic, you are ready to begin the project. At this point, decision can’t be a willy-nilly thing. It has to be concrete, or you’ll just end up back at square one.

In other words, the true power of intention is unleashed when you decide. Earlier we established that good intentions have to be backed with conscious action, but the action part comes when you make up your mind. Therefore, intention results in a decision, and a decision results in action. This formula can fall apart at the intention stage or the decision stage, but it usually unravels at the decision stage because of a weak commitment.

What is the power of intention?

If you intend to, you can have a great day, even if you are in the midst of trying circumstances.

If you intend to, you can learn something new every single day.

If you intend to, you can find something to laugh at every day.

If you intend to, you can be nice to everyone you meet today.

If you intend to do so, you have to follow that intention.

Intention as a Guiding Force

Taking action can sound a little intimidating to some people. In fact, action does not need to be complicated or difficult at all.

Today it might mean writing down your goals. Tomorrow it might mean reading a chapter from a good book. The next day it might mean meeting with a friend to discuss your plans. Though your actions do not need to be difficult or complicated, consistency does make a huge difference over the long haul.

Are you beginning to see how this all comes together?

First, it starts with intention. Then it begins to grow into action when you are intentional about what you’ve set your mind to do.