I Will Write Your Copy for You

Win Over Your Target Audience with Expert Copywriting

Here’s What I Can Write for You:

Advertising Copy

Sales Copy

Landing Page Copy

Website Copy

Product Description Copy

My Simple 3-Step Process:



I get to know your audience, brand, and needs. I look for copy that’s working in your market, study it, and incorporate the best elements into the copy I write for you.



I draft the copy based on the ideas collected.



I edit and polish the copy. Copywriters who ignore this step are usually inexperienced!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What is the benefit of good copy?

A: Good copy gets the attention of your target audience, keeps them reading, and results in more people buying, donating, subscribing, or joining, whatever the call to action may be. Good copy will boost your conversion rate. For the same number of eyeballs on your ad or page, there will be more takers than there were before you had professionally written copy.

Q: How is copy written?

A: Copy can follow several different frameworks or methodologies. But the goal is almost always the same – to end up with compelling, unpredictable, attention-grabbing, and potentially controversial headlines and subheads, page-turning body copy, and compelling bullets. As with any other form of writing, the copy is written one word at a time, but with a specific focus on the user who will be reading and responding to the copy.

Q: What is a “page” of copy?

A: This equals about 500 words. I will not charge extra for an additional 50 to 100 words. Not all copywriting jobs come to 500 words, but that is my minimum. Some projects, especially long sales pages, require closer to three or four pages of copy. I charge per page.