by | Aug 23, 2021 | Personal Development

Everything in life is about contrast.

There is big and small, tall and short, light and dark.

Comparison is the less helpful, ugly cousin of contrast. When you see some as better, you also see some as inferior. So, it ends up being all about the ego.

Contrast is about discovering your preferences. It’s about noticing the difference between experiences and which you liked more.

“That’s just semantics,” you might say, but this distinction is critical.

You can’t appreciate happy without sad, love is not as treasured without deep loneliness, and a green, lush mountain is nothing without the flat, dryness of the desert.

But this is about preference, you see. Because there is no right and wrong. It’s just contrast.

And through contrast, we discover what we like. Then, we can begin to choose more of it.