How Can I Help You?

I always love to hear from readers, listeners, viewers, and of course, subscribers and customers.

Fair warning: Sometimes it takes me a week or two to return messages, but I respond immediately to:

  • Media inquiries
  • Product related questions (let me help you find the right fit)
  • Notes of encouragement
  • Great opportunities (but only great opportunities)

If you have specific music career related questions, you will be best served with one of our programs.

As for guest post and advertising requests, scroll down for more information.

Important: As noted, it can take up to two weeks for me to get back to you. As such, sending me multiple threads of the same message is thoroughly unhelpful and highly discouraged. It will only take me longer to get back to you because I will need to go through all my messages again to confirm what the first message was about.

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News Break

Guest Posting on Music Entrepreneur HQ

We get a lot of requests and we turn down most.

Generally, we are looking for writers who are topic experts, are interested in creating value for our audience, and aren’t just looking to get links or submit self-serving content.

We are extremely picky with guest contributors, and this is unlikely to change.

Also note:

  • We are running a business. That means there’s a non-negotiable editing fee of $50 USD associated with guest posting on our site.
  • We have a content calendar. That means we can’t accommodate your publishing schedule. We can’t have your piece up on or by a specific date. But we also don’t delete your content.
  • We don’t handle link requests. People always ask for dofollow links. Links on our website are as is. We don’t ever intentionally change them to nofollow.
  • We don’t accept gambling, porn, or dark web links. You’re allowed to have two or three self-serving links in your guest posts (more if you’re citing sources), but we aren’t comfortable linking to sites of ill repute.

Advertising on Music Entrepreneur HQ

We don’t currently have any advertising opportunities but if you see a mutually beneficial opportunity and want to make a proposal, reach out and let us know.