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Process is action. Doing.

Doing creates results.

But results are often outside of our control.

We begin by figuring out where we want to go – our destination. Then we chart a course based on where we are. Then we begin moving in that direction.

If we have a map, then we have some sense of the route we’re going to take to get to that destination.

The map is the “how-to.” So, it doesn’t tell the full story. Virtually all the details are missing.

You might know there are roads leading to your destination. But what you may not know is there’s a piece of glass on the road that’s going to give you a flat.

You might know you’ll be driving through the mountains. But what you may not know is just how beautiful and relieving the sights are going to be.

You might know approximately how long it’s going to take you to get to your goal. But what you may not know is what’s going to happen between when you start and when you ultimately arrive.

All that messiness and uncertainty is what we call process. It’s not exactly like walking blindly into a dark room, but close.

It’s because of that adventure that anything is worth doing.

Sure, it’s fun to achieve outcomes. I have outcomes I’m trying to achieve, and at times the process has been frustrating.

But the fun part ends up being the process. The journey.

And if you can enjoy the journey, the battle is more than half won. If you can find the reward in the journey, the battle is fully won.

I’ve often thought of the process of learning an instrument the same way.

If you commit to process rather than outcome, you’ll practice hard and improve. You won’t even notice the hours you put into it.

But if you commit to the outcome, you will easily get frustrated because you just want to be able to do something on your instrument (e.g. play a certain scale, lick, or solo) . You’re not committed to the process.

Committing to the process will ultimately take you further.

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