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99 Days to Amassing Your Personal WealthIt is pretty unlikely that anybody is going to get rich off of collecting change. However, you have to remember that every dollar above and beyond your employment income is extra money. If you’re a dollar richer – no matter how you got there (we don’t advocate being dishonest; just so you know) – you’re a dollar richer.

Start by emptying your wallet or purse of coins. If you are a man and you carry your wallet in your back pocket, it’s already doing a number on your back. Give it a bit of a break by regularly removing coins from your wallet. Make it a daily or weekly habit if you can. You can store them in a jar, a cashbox or piggybank.

Then, when you’re ready, you can use coin rolls to sort them. Some banks will let you bring them in to deposit onsite. The money is probably more useful to you in your bank account than in your pocket, though it’s not worth bringing in only a handful of rolls. Make sure to build your reservoir before bothering several bank tellers.

Of course, if you just took coins out of your own wallet, you wouldn’t really be any richer. It’s still a good idea, but you haven’t gained anything (besides saving your back maybe).

Collecting change - penniesThe next thing you can do is collect change from your friends. While some of them may want to hold on to their coins, you will also find that many people can’t be bothered with it. Make it a point to ask your friends when you see them next.

You can also find quite a bit of spare change on the ground if you are looking for it. The Mac’s convenience store across from my old high school was once a culprit for coins. You can probably think of a few places like that around your neighborhood.

Generally, it’s not on the ground because somebody dropped it. It’s on the ground because they didn’t think it was worth their time. In other words, don’t do anything that would compromise your values or get you in trouble, but if it’s free game, go for it. Few others are going to bother with it.

Ultimately, collecting change should not become a fixture in your life. You may have those rare moments where you pick up five or 10 dollar bill (maybe even a 100 dollar bill), but it’s unlikely that this activity will be the key to your wealth.

If anything, just have fun with it. Make it a hobby, or just keep an eye out for an opportunity to collect throughout your day. It’s a small thing that anyone can do, and you never know where it might lead.