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Have you ever felt like the time and effort you’ve put into something isn’t reflected in the results you’ve been getting?

I imagine this is not an uncommon conversation among entrepreneurs. In a way, it’s been the story of my life too.

To say that this is something that needs to be addressed at the mindset or psychology level is an understatement. Some reprogramming might even be par for the course.

Because we need to see beyond the next seven days. We need clarity on where we want to end up and remind ourselves daily where that is. We can only reach that destination by seeing in our mind’s eye where we’re trying to get to (while holding no attachment to it).

Still, something always comes up on your way to reaching your goals. Usually it’s fear. You can move forward or shrink back when you feel scared, but the human tendency is to run from pain. And that makes it difficult to get over that hurdle. Especially if you don’t notice it.

And when you set an intention and make a renewed commitment to your success, the universe always tests that belief. Whether it’s an accident, illness, or breakup, there’s always some event that tries to yank you right out of the game. Again, you can’t overcome that challenge without being present to it.

In my experience, these things tend to play out like clockwork, but we often miss them. And it’s entirely too easy to miss them when we’re swallowed up in notifications, text messages, and emails.

What matters most is what we do when these challenges arise. And we can face them, or we can avoid them.

Both choices are human. Only one leads to the results you desire.

To get to where we want to go, our full attention is required. We need to know what to expect, how to deal with it, and hold onto the belief that everything is working out in our favor even when it doesn’t appear to be.

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