ClickUp AI – Is it Any Good?

by | Sep 29, 2023 | Uncategorized

Is AI quickly making modern business tools – productivity apps, email marketing software, social media automation, and others – irrelevant?

“No,” says businesses from across the internet, “because we’ll integrate our software with AI.”

And this is exactly what’s been happening. Which brings us to the subject of ClickUp AI.

It should be said at the outset that I already have a bias toward ClickUp, given its ability to become just about any productivity tool you need it to be at a moment’s notice – Asana, Notion, Google Calendar, Trello, and more. So, what follows may be little more than gushing for what is already an extraordinary tool. We’ll see…

Either way, here’s my review of ClickUp AI.

What is ClickUp AI?

The ClickUp AI writing assistant was designed to help project managers with mundane, time-consuming tasks, such as generating action items for a specific project.

ClickUp AI can:

  • Summarize text
  • Write and edit documents
  • Generate action items
  • Role-based tools & templates
  • Comment & thread summary
  • Generate subtasks
  • Task summary
  • Task progress update
  • AI search (coming soon)

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So, what is there to do besides play around with ClickUp’s new functionality? I immediately began messing about trying different things to see what I could come up with (and whether I could stump AI). Here is my experience, and the result of my AI experiments.

Experiment #1 – Marketing Plan for My New Year Live Music Event

As my first order of business, I had AI cook up a marketing plan for my new year live music event, slated for January in Victoria, BC.

As expected, ClickUp AI generated a document for me in seconds, just as ChatGPT would.

ClickUp AI marketing plan

As anyone who has used ChatGPT or AI writing software will tell you, AI is a great tool for generating ideas you wouldn’t have otherwise come up with.

In this case, I was surprised and/or impressed by the following ideas:

  • “The event will feature local and international artists, food vendors, and a fireworks display…” My event probably won’t have all those things (mostly because it won’t happen on New Year’s Eve), but it’s always nice to have another perspective on the matter.
  • “Our primary target audience is music lovers aged 18 – 35 living in or around Victora, BC. Secondary audiences include tourists…” This is mostly true, although I have a feeling, we will have a strong contingent of audiences in their 40s as well. The secondary audience part is spot on.
  • Marketing Strategies. I doubt we will do everything generated. But it presented me with some great ideas I can use for future events, including advertising, social media, email, influencers, local press, and more.

Experiment #2 – Marketing Task List for My Virtual Assistants

Next, I decided to have AI whip up another new document from scratch. I provided it with talking points (I asked it to generate daily marketing tasks for my virtual assistants), set the tone of voice to “humorous” and creativity to “high,” and let it take over from there.

Marketing tasks for virtual assistants

Within seconds, I had a document that made me smile and laugh. What I did not expect was how the tone of voice affected the specific marketing activities generated. The humor carried over into the tasks themselves!

Humorous task list

I don’t think the plan generated would be for us, but no doubt there are companies out there that would love to show off their personality in the manner described in the document.

Just for fun, I also had AI translate the document into Japanese (a language I’m fluent in) and was pleasantly surprised by the results.

AI translation

There are some cultural references that might fly over a Japanese person’s head, but aside from that, it’s a very on-point translation that’s easy to understand.

Experiment #3 – Drafting a Unique Selling Proposition for My Business

I figured I would try one last experiment before calling it a day. So, just to see if I could stump the AI, I had ClickUp whip up a unique selling proposition for my business.

You don’t often hear the term “unique selling proposition” anymore (many things are personality-, influencer-, or celebrity-driven now), but when comparing products or services, people still like to know what makes one unique versus the other, don’t they?

So, here’s what ClickUp AI came up with based on my prompt:

Content Marketing Musician USP

Well, not only was I unable to stump the AI, but I also didn’t even have to ask for any changes. Again, I’m impressed!

What Else Can ClickUp AI Do?

In my experiments, I mostly had AI generate content or written documents on my behalf, something I knew it would do quite well (but I did not expect it to do as well as it did!).

Besides writing and translating, ClickUp AI can also:

  • Summarize documents
  • Explain concepts
  • Edit/improve writing
  • Create action items
  • Simplify your writing
  • Fix spelling and grammatical issues
  • Make content shorter or longer

It’s all in the realm of generating, translating, or expanding on the content you or AI generates, which is now a prevalent functionality. But there’s nothing wrong with that!

Summarily, having AI inside one of the most versatile productivity tools out there is a definite benefit!

The Verdict

So, is ClickUp AI any good?

Yes, it’s better than good.

This really sunk in for me with the third experiment, where I asked it to craft a unique selling proposition for my business. I was expecting to have to sit there and offer more guidance and ask for multiple revisions, but I didn’t.

I didn’t have too many preconceptions about ClickUp AI going in, but I was basically thinking to myself, “This is just another company doing trendy things, isn’t it?”

But now having tried ClickUp AI, I asked myself whether I’d want to do without, and the thought made me sad. That’s how you know something it’s worthwhile!

So, kudos go to ClickUp for recognizing that its users might want to take advantage of this new functionality. I think it fits like a glove.

Have you given ClickUp a try yet? If not, and you’re interested in improving your productivity, it’s time you gave it a chance! They have a convenient Free Forever plan as well as Unlimited, Business, and Enterprise plans for those who demand more of their productivity software. Get started now.