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At some point, I knew that I would have to draw Chun-Li. When I think of video game characters, for some reason I can’t help but think of Street Fighter II, and though it didn’t have many female characters (Cammy didn’t come into the picture until later versions of the game), Chun-Li certainly is iconic and memorable. Of course, that isn’t to say I wouldn’t draw male characters too.

I wouldn’t say that Chun-Li is necessarily my favorite video game character ever (or even favorite fighting video game character for that matter), but I have to admit that she does kick major butt. There’s no denying that. Her Spinning Bird Kick and Lighting Kick are wicked awesome moves.

As for the drawing, I tried working with thinner pens for this one. There are things I like about it, and some things I don’t like. For example, the eyes didn’t really turn out that great. Some of the lines are a little loose too, though it did end up working in some places.

My Chun-Li looks fairly serious, like in the reference material I used. Maybe she’s about to start fighting, or maybe she’s just not impressed with something Bison did.