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In life, there are few influences as dominant as your association.

We could look at your top five friends and guess correctly that you are about the average of all of them.

We could look at your top five friends and guess correctly that you are about the average of all of them. Click To Tweet

You make about the same amount of money as them. And your attitudes towards politics, marriage, spirituality, and other important life matters are also the average of those around you.

Maybe you aren’t unlimited. But you also don’t know just how far you can go unless you’re surrounding yourself with people who consistently challenge you to be more.

If you’re feeling down or lacking motivation, take a close look at your association. Do you see any common themes?

Does your association leave you feeling devitalized? Are there emotional vampires lurking around every corner? Do the people you know keep crying about their victimhood and “special” circumstances?

Even if you’re the most virtuous person on earth, at some point, this is going to weigh on you. You can only be a hero for so long.

But the reality is this:

It has never been easier to associate with people who challenge you to go the extra mile.

I follow people on Twitter who inspire me.

I watch YouTube live streams hosted by eight-figure entrepreneurs.

I take courses from seven-figure lifestyle design coaches.

I read great books – and I don’t even pretend to know what they’re saying half the time.

I’m not here to tell you to change your association. Instead, I suggest prioritizing your association. Choosing the inputs that will make a difference for you short term, and long term. Because, while you may never reach the pinnacle, or even know your full potential, you will at least come away feeling like you can achieve more.

This is not the comparison game. If it were, I would not even make the finals.

This is your life. And your time is your most precious resource. Who do you want to spend it with?

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